HardiePlank vs. LP SmartSide for Littleton

Which Siding Is Better–James Hardie Fiber Cement Or LP Smartside Siding?

At Colorado Siding, we often get the question:  Which siding is better–Fiber Cement or LP SmartSide Siding for homes here in Colorado? While both are great siding products, they each, also have their ups and downs when it comes to installation, appearance, and performance.  If you too wonder what the differences are and why they matter to you as a Littleton homeowner looking for new siding, please read below.

The Differences Between James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding and LP Smart Siding

When it comes to high-performance siding both James Hardie Fiber Cement and LP SmartSide should both be a consideration. They are both high-quality, with reputations for durability and performance.  However, depending on your personal needs and location there are key differences that could lead you to choose one over the other.


When it comes to warranty, LP Smart siding has a longer one than James Hardie Fiber Cement: a 50-year warranty, as compared to a 30-year warranty respectively.  However, since, most of the problems with either product are usually from improper installation, the issue then becomes less which high-performance siding you choose but rather, who you have installed it.


Both siding options are considered by most standards as very durable new siding options for your home.  However, James Hardie, in Colorado specifically edges out the competition with its fire resistance properties alone.  It should be noted that–Fiber Cement Siding is also moisture-resistant and won’t crack or ward cracking, thanks to the cellulose fiber which aid in stability.


While both sidings offer high-quality finishes, one siding that will make your Littleton home the talk of the neighborhood is James Hardie Fiber Cement.  At James Hardie, they offer a larger selection of sleek colors, with a penchant for more modern, high-end looks than that of LP.

Ease Of Installation

One place where LP Smart Siding has an advantage over James Hardie Fiber Cement is ease of installation.  Although that benefit could ostensibly be more for your installer than you as a homeowner.  Additionally, since our crews at Colorado Siding are extremely experienced and know exactly how to install James Hardie siding properly, this benefit is mostly moot.

For more information on either siding for your Littleton home, contact us at Colorado Siding for a free, on-site estimate today!


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