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Thank you for visiting ColoradoSiding.com. This website is proudly presented by Scottish Home Improvements as a siding resource for potential clients throughout Colorado. Whether you living in the Denver Metro area, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, in the mountains or on the eastern plains we want to be your source for useful, accurate information on all kinds of replacement siding.

Colorado Siding is constantly striving to SET THE STANDARD for what it means to provide friendly, honest customer service and quality workmanship. Our goal is to allow homeowners to enjoy trustworthy and dependable relationships with a single point of contact throughout their home improvement projects.

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Colorado Siding has received the Gold Star Award from the Better Business Bureau every year since the company was formed. Gold Stars are awarded to companies with no complaints and Scottish Home Improvements is proud to have 100% customer satisfaction rating. Please contact us today if you have any questions about siding materials, installation, or process.

Martin Faith
President, Scottish Home Improvements

Scottish Stained Glass

Our sister company, Scottish Stained Glass, is the most successful stained glass studio of its kind in the United States. As of 2009, over 30,000 leaded glass windows have been installed representing over 10,000 satisfied clients. Scottish Stained Glass’ practice is to ensure a 100% customer approval rating which the company is proud to maintain through assiduous and thorough business practices. Visit the Scottish Stained Glass website >>

Scottish Window Tinting

Our sister company, Scottish Window Tinting is a provider of Vista and EnerLogic window film to your home or business. Window film saves your home or business money on your summer cooling bill by blocking much of the heat a building gains through its windows. Additionally window film reduces the fading of furniture and other belongings by blocking the UV rays which degrade color over time. Visit the Scottish Window Tinting website >>