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Fort Collins is at the foot of the Poudre Canyon and Rocky Mountains which is why the weather can be quite extreme. Residents here are no strangers to blizzards, hail, and intense high altitude sun. The extremes mean home and business owners need to think long and hard about how to protect their homes from inclement weather patterns all year round. Siding should be one of your biggest considerations in keeping your Fort Collins home protected from the elements. This is where a company like Colorado Siding is incredibly helpful. We carry one of the most diverse catalogs of siding materials and accessories to fit the practical needs of this uniquely positioned city. From fiber cement that is resistant to hail to budget-friendly vinyl–we are equipped to supply stylish options for siding, soffit, shake, or flashing. Since the homes here come in all types of ages and styles–our myriad design elements are especially useful. From the towering victorian homes close to Old Towne to the modern condos being built all around on W. Prospect Rd–we have siding and siding accessories to fit any design. Our attention to form and function is why Colorado Siding has spent the last decade flawlessly making Fort Collins beautiful through siding replacement.

James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding

James Hardie is a popular siding choice for Fort Collins homeowners. This is for the most part due to the incredible durability of this premium siding choice. Made from fiber cement, it holds to any type of inclement weather pattern–hot or cold. Plus, James Hardie is known industry-wide to be one of the lowest maintenance sidings on the market today. While you will pay more for this type of material it is well worth it because of its warranty and ability to last for decades to come. When it comes to aesthetics there simply is no better contender to make your Fort Collins home more beautiful. This is because James Hardie comes in numerous deep and bold colors that will have your neighbors turning their heads! They range from modern to traditional and therefore will fit your Fort Collins home’s style no matter what era it was built in. You can use James Hardie Fiber Cement on its own but it also blends beautifully with other siding accents like wood, steel, and stone. Since James Hardie is fade-resistant using its ColorPlus Technology you can rest assured the brilliant colors you chose to clad your Fort Collins home will be looking chic for years to come.

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Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement is known to be a tough and durable siding material by everyone in the biz. It is a choice we use for homes in Colorado time and time again for this very reason. However, this material is fantastic for a lot of other reasons. For one it is James Hardie® siding is a “green” product that works to keep our lovely state looking good. Some fiber cement brands are even made from 75% of the raw materials sourced locally. Fiber cement is also s Leeds approved siding product for making homes more energy-efficient. When you choose fiber cement you are choosing a future for our state’s environment and economy. However, fiber cement is also one of the most beautiful siding materials money can buy. It is a luxury-looking item that comes in colors that are cutting-edge but still very traditional. So while this type of siding protects your Fort Collins home’s exterior and insulates your home lowering energy bills–it also looks gorgeous doing it. At Colorado Siding, we believe that function and form go hand and hand in your satisfaction with your home siding–which is why we carry numerous fiber cement options in scores of brilliant colors for any style Foco home.

Engineered Composite Wood Siding

If protection from the sometimes severe Fort Collins elements is what you are looking for then LP SmartSide siding could very well be the one for you. Standard LP Smartside is incredibly durable and a suitable protection method for homes in the Northern Colorado area–they also offer advanced protection with their Diamond Kote option. Treated with a pre-finish called Diamond Kote, LP is one of the strongest options available on the market today and will keep your Fort Collins home protected from hail, flying debris, extreme UV, fire, and more. Whether you live at the mouth of the Poudre Canyon or down by Horsetooth Reservoir this is the type of coverage you need. Treated to the core with a protection called SmartGaurd–LP SmartSide is a powerful siding option for the Fort Collins area. Beyond just keeping homes protected LP® SmartSide, an engineered wood product, comes in 30 bold colors and growing. This means you won’t be hard-pressed to find the perfect hue for your Fort Collins area home and one that will fit any style from vintage to modern.

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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the unsung hero of the siding world. Known as a budget siding this material has come a long way in the last decade. Many homes in the Fort Collins area have vinyl siding because it is such an economical choice. Less expensive than something like fiber cement options it is great for renovating a property’s exterior at a price point that won’t break the bank. While perfectly acceptable for any price home, we generally recommend it for homes in a price range below $350K. Vinyl siding comes in all sorts of lovely colors and hues perfect for any style home–making it great for remodels and flips too. We carry a handful of vinyl options for homeowners to choose so when working with Colorado Siding you are sure of a style and price point that works for you. Some of the benefits of vinyl siding are its ease of installation, its cost, and the huge selection of styles, colors, trim, and accessories. We are well versed in every element of this siding material and happy to guide you through the pros and cons of selecting this siding for your Fort Collins home or business.

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LP SmartSide for Fort Collins Homes

LP SmartSide is an excellent option for Fort Collins homeowners who enjoy the look of natural wood and cedar but would something that requires less maintenance. Not only is LP SmartSide much easier to maintain, but it’s also more durable and longer lasting. 

LP SmartSide’s advanced design gives it the unique ability to withstand harsh circumstances in which other siding materials are prone to failing. This includes hail up to 1.75 inches in diameter, wind speeds up to 200 mph, freeze/thaw cycles, pests, and so much more!

Best of all, you’ll get the beautiful natural wood finish you love without having to compromise on durability. LP SmartSide is made with all natural wood strands, giving it the authentic appearance of real wood and natural cedar. 


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Advantages of Diamond Kote Siding in Fort Collins

The average cost to repaint the exterior of a home in the United States is $3,042. Over the years of owning your home, you may have to repaint several times. These costs, of course, add quickly, resulting in thousands of dollars spent. That’s why Diamond Kote Siding makes sense for Fort Collins homes.

Diamond Kote Siding offers Fort Collins homeowners a beautiful, lasting finish that does not peel or fade over time. Using advanced color technology, Diamond Kote finishes are made with natural rock pigments that are baked on to ensure their longevity and UV resistance. While other siding has to be repainted, Diamond Kote will retain its beauty for decades and even comes with a 30 Year No Fade  Warranty. This results in thousands of dollars saved on repainting costs. 



Steel Siding

Steel siding is affordable yet still very, durable siding. It is a solution for commercial and residential properties that works well and lasts for decades. It comes in a range of looks from actual metal to a surprisingly lovely wood appearance. Here in Fort Collins, steel siding is a viable option for homes and businesses both in the city and outside the city in the Poudre Canyon and Red Feather areas. While it is an option for residential homes it is best used as a hardy siding option in applications like detached garages, workshops, barns, and more. Here at Colorado Siding, we have worked extensively with steel siding, which is critical to the success of your Fort Collins steel siding job. It is a material that requires a fair bit of knowledge and resources to install correctly–both of which we have in abundance. When you come to us for a consultation we will help you choose the steel siding that works best for your particular space but we are also happy to explore any other siding options. Due to our extensive experience, we can whole-heartedly say your Fort Collins steel siding project will be done within budget, on time, and look stunning when we are done.

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Wood and Cedar Siding

Here in the Fort Collins area wood siding is incredibly popular–especially in the Poudre Canyon and Horsetooth Reservoir areas–and for good reason. There truly is nothing so beautiful as the rustic Colorado landscape dotted with wood-clad homes. The cedar look blends seamlessly with the rugged world all around our small city. But there is more to wood/cedar siding than just its appearance. Cedar is naturally insect repellant. This means it protects against insects without harsh chemicals. What many people don’t realize is that Cedar, unlike many other wood siding products–making it a good choice for Fort Collins area homes on our near water. If you choose a different wood siding than cedar, it is treated to resist moisture as well so you still have various wood options regardless. Here at Colorado siding we proudly source our wood and cedar siding from Rocky Mountain Forest Products. They are a premium grade company that sustainably and responsibly sourced wood. This means you not only get gorgeous siding but support the local economy as well.

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Stonework and Stone Siding

Stone siding is rustic enough to fit into any natural environment like we have all around us here in Fort Collins at the base of the Rocky Mountains. However, it is still chic enough to fit in anywhere in our increasingly modern city. It is a lovely way to give your Colorado home a natural accent without sacrificing elegance. By using stone siding on the lower features of your Fort Collins home you create depth and a feeling of “groundedness”. It is a perfectly lovely way to express your love for nature uniquely and stylishly on the exterior of your home. We have worked extensively with this material and know-how to thoughtfully place it as the perfect accent or the main material. From brick to river rock we carry many stone options for you to choose from and will walk you through the unique design process that comes with this material one on one. We choose to partner with Sunset Stone because of their breadth of style options and the fact that they handpick their stone to be the finest in the country!

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I wanted something tradtional for our Fort Collins bungalow and Colorado Siding had a James Hardie shake in just the right color to bring it back to life

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These guys are the best.My siding job is gorgeous and the workers were incredibly professional–barely knew they were there.

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