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Being situated in the mountains is nothing short of spectacular, but when it comes to the exterior of your home it produces several challenges. Shielding your home from harsh winter weather, as well as the intense sun found at high altitudes, in Fairplay, Colorado, is the first step in assuring that your exterior will last and your renovations remain minimal. Luckily, this is easy as contacting Scottish Home Improvements to become your local siding contractor.

Whether it be for vinyl or fiber cement siding, we want to be your partner against the freezing temperatures and biting winds in Fairplay. Let us show you the options we have available in order to discern which exterior solution works best for you, allowing for lower utility bills and maintenance costs for years to come.

James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding

James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding has become one of the most popular choices in Fairplay, Colorado, for many reasons. This durable material needs relatively little maintenance because small impacts will not damage it and the paint finish will be slow to fade, making it a product will last for many, many years.

Because James Hardie® products with ColorPlus® Technology are manufactured to be dimensionally stable, paint stays on the boards longer than products that expand and contract with moisture exposure. Wood and wood-based products tend to move significantly with absorption of water, causing higher likeliness of paint cracking, chipping and peeling. James Hardie fiber cement siding is a beautiful material that won’t leave you wondering about the long-term appearance of your home.

If you are not a fan of plank siding, Scottish Home Improvements has a variety of styles and options to design with. We have vertical siding, board and batten, and even shingles. You can also consider James Hardie VerticalPanel stucco styled panels, which is another popular option in Fairplay, Colorado. This is more durable than standard stucco siding.

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fiber cement siding fairplay

Fiber Cement Siding

Fairplay receives an average of 13.6 inches of rain per year and 84 inches of snow. When you live in these kind of conditions, durability is a crucial factor for your siding. Fiber cement siding provides Fairplay homes with the strength and protection needed to endure all types of weather, from extreme summer heat to bitter winter cold.

Durable materials, such as limestone, clay, and sand are combined with cement to give fiber cement siding its sound, hardy structure. Then, wood pulp and cellulose fibers are added to make it flexible and give the planks their beautiful cedar-like texture. This combination of materials makes fiber cement resistant to the elements, including moisture, heat, ultraviolet radiation, and hail.

Fiber cement siding is truly a great investment for any home. But in Fairplay, it can pay off even more because it will last longer than other options and keep your home looking beautiful year after year. 


Engineered Composite Wood Siding 

If you’re like many Coloradans and enjoy a more natural looking aesthetic, then engineered wood siding is the perfect option for you! By installing engineered wood siding for your Fairplay home, you can attain that naturalistic, organic look you love and still get durable, lasting protection for your exterior.

Engineered wood siding is a modern innovation that’s increasing in popularity every day. Wood strands are coated in a resin binder and compressed together to create a singular board. This gives engineered wood planks the same aesthetic as natural wood, but makes them stronger and moisture resistant.

At Scottish Home Improvements, we partner with Diamond Kote and LP SmartSide to bring you the very best engineered wood siding available today. 

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is one of the most versatile materials and by far among the easiest to maintain. Vinyl siding can be cleaned using a combination of dish soap and water or water and vinegar, and then rinsed off with a hose to preserve its beauty and integrity. 

Installing vinyl siding for your Fairplay home will provide you with numerous design possibilities so you can create the perfect look. Insulated vinyl siding is an even better option that will protect your home from the cold during the winter. It may even reduce your monthly utility bills by making your house more energy efficient.

At Scottish Home Improvements, we work with industry leaders like Alside and CertainTeed, giving you access to durable, high quality vinyl siding products. 

Steel Siding

If durability is high on your list of priorities, Scottish Home Improvements can  provide steel siding for your Fairplay property. This is an affordable option that rarely needs maintenance. It’s perfect for commercial settings or homes where a certain aesthetic is desired, and will save you a great deal of money in the long run.

If a more rustic or industrial aesthetic appeals to you, then steel siding is the perfect option for you! Steel siding can be used to create everything from a vintage aesthetic to an ultra modern look. Use it on its own or combine it with other materials such as fiber cement or wood siding to create the curated look of your dreams. 

Wood and Cedar Siding

Wood siding is more versatile than many people realize. Wood can be used to create a variety of aesthetics and comes in many different profiles. Create a charming, rustic look for your cabin using knotted pine or reclaimed wood. Or opt for cedar siding in ship lap for a more contemporary vibe. Whatever you choose, installing wood siding for your Fairplay home is guaranteed to make it look gorgeous.

When you work with us, you can rest assured knowing that your siding will be responsibly sourced and created with sustainability in mind. We obtain our wood siding from local companies like Specialty Wood Products and Rocky Mountain Forest Products in order to ensure the lowest environmental impact possible.

Stonework and Stone Siding

Show off your distinct style and sophisticated taste with stone siding or stone accents for your Fairplay home. Stone siding exhibits a stately, refined look that’s reminiscent of the old world elegance of European castles, decades old churches, and ancient cobblestone roads. It’s a sure way to boost the curb appeal of any home, and add value and beauty that will last for years.

At Scottish Home Improvements, we partner with the very best stone siding manufacturers in the state of Colorado. Our partnership with Sunset Stone ensures that you receive nothing but the most beautiful and highest quality stone siding for your home improvement project. 


When we bought our home, we knew that the siding would need to be replaced. We hired Colorado Siding for the job because they came highly recommended.

Amy & Henry V. / Fairplay, CO

I wasn’t sure what type of siding I wanted at first. I liked the look of wood siding, but was concerned about its durability. Colorado Siding helped me find an option that met my criteria. They installed LP SmartSide for my home and it looks great!

Ryan W. / Fairplay, CO

Having a durable, fire resistant siding was important to us since we live in the mountains. Our project manager recommended James Hardie. Now, our home looks beautiful and we don’t have to worry about it being damaged by the elements. 

Frank & Courtney D. / Fairplay, CO
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