Vinyl Siding Choices for Colorado Homes

Vinyl siding is a low-cost, low-maintenance siding solution. Resulting from frustration with wood and metal sidings vinyl was developed in the 1960s. Throughout Colorado, vinyl siding is an inexpensive choice to cover your home, garage, or other outbuildings. At Colorado Siding, we install a fair amount of vinyl siding, but generally, recommend that your home be worth less than $250,000 when considering this option. The resale value of more expensive homes can be impacted by vinyl siding.

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

If you’re looking for a solution for residing your rental property or an inexpensive home, vinyl siding is a practical, aesthetically pleasing choice. Some of the benefits of vinyl siding for Colorado properties include:

  • Diversity: Vinyl siding comes in a number of shapes, colors, and textures. While it can be made to emulate wood or fiber cement siding in color and texture, many customers use it as a way to get less traditional color options than one would find with other siding choices.
  • Price: By far the most attractive thing about vinyl siding is its price. Vinyl costs less than fiber cement, wood, stone or engineered wood siding per foot.  However, the installation is considerably easier for vinyl too.  Meaning there will be additional savings on installation costs. 
  • Maintenance:  Compared to siding like wood, vinyl siding is incredibly easier to keep up.  As far as keeping it looking good, you really only need to clean it once a year and you are good to go.  However, vinyl does dent when struck with a high-velocity object–so you may need to do maintenance/repair after a hail storm. 

Alside® Vinyl Siding 

One of our favorite vinyl siding manufacturers is Alside®. We recommend this premium vinyl siding solution due to its beautiful curb appeal options as well as energy efficiency solutions that can help homeowners save. Alside® vinyl siding is available in numerous aesthetics that mimic the look of authentic wood grain as well as smooth, modern textures. Both horizontal and vertical siding options are available, providing versatility for homeowners throughout Englewood and Glendale.


CertainTeed vinyl siding provides another premium option for homeowners throughout Virginia Vale and West Colfax. With different options for thickness and a bold color palette, CertainTeed also offers vertical, shingle, shake, and insulated vinyl siding choices.

Royal Building Products 

This brand provides beautiful cedar shake and shingle options made from vinyl. Available in different thicknesses as well as horizontal and vertical profiles, their vinyl siding can complement homes throughout Centennial and Parker.


With 24 vibrant color choices and a variety of different profiles, Colorado homeowners can find the perfect vinyl siding aesthetic to transform their curb appeal. Faux cedar siding options are also available for homeowners looking for the aesthetic of wood without the cost or maintenance.

Ply Gem®

Ply Gem® offers four different vinyl siding brands with different price points as well as aesthetics, colors, and styles in order to really cater to all of their clients. Homeowners in Castle Pines and Highlands Ranch can all take advantage of the numerous designs available.


With rich wood grain hues, Norandex vinyl siding offers comprehensive solutions that range from shakes to shingles and rounds. Achieve a more authentic look in Greenwood Village and DTC homes.


 Kaycan offers beautiful horizontal, vertical, shake, and shingle vinyl siding options. With another wide range of color options and profiles, Denver homeowners can really pick the perfect aesthetic at an affordable price.

Vinyl Siding for Commercial Properties

Since commercial properties tend to be valued over $250,000, we don’t recommend vinyl siding for these types of properties. With moderate durability that is impacted by freezing temperatures as well as UV exposure, vinyl siding isn’t a good option for Denver commercial properties.  We are happy to discuss our vast experience on commercial properties and the siding options that will work best on this type of property.  We have one of the largest selections of commercial siding options in the country, so you are sure to find something that works for your commercial investment.

We decided to try flipping a house in Aurora and Colorado Siding recommended vinyl–excellent choice that helped us up our ROI.

Gregory Hart / Aurora, CO

Our Alside vinyl siding looks amazing–Colorado Siding helped us find exactly the color we were looking for!  Thank you!

Kobe and Hannah S. / Fort Collins, CO

Vinyl was just right for our incredibly tight budget–looks amazing.

Alex F. / Aurora, CO

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