Protecting the exterior of your Highlands Ranch home from the harsh Colorado winters and the intense sun is the job of your siding. This is why, when you are choosing a new siding you need to consider all of the options. Of course, there are other considerations like budget, efficacy, appearance, and maintenance characteristics to think about too. Here at Colorado Siding, we are here to help guide you through all the considerations of new siding choices for your Highlands Ranch’s structure. We have a wealth of product knowledge to guide you, excellent installers, and long-time siding industry partnerships as a way to ensure you get the siding that is best for your Colorado home or business. We offer Guild Quality siding installations and are proud to report an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. We call this the Scottish difference and it means the highest level of professionalism in all that we do–from answering the phones to installing siding on your Highland’s Ranch home–we are professional and courteous every step of the way.

James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding

A great siding for the HIghlands Ranch homes and business. This is because James Hardie fiber cement siding stands up to the elements but is still incredibly beautiful year after year on your structure. This powerful siding is impact-resistant, making it excellent for hail resistance but also from golf balls, flying debris, pest, rot, and even fire. The level of durability that comes from the James Hardie brand makes it a great choice for any home or business. Plus, the ColorPlus technology from James Hardie comes with a factory finish paint warranty for 15 years. The best part about this premium siding material is that, although powerful, it is still gorgeous–coming in a variety of modern and traditional colors. Plus, you get the appearance of real wood with significantly less maintenance than cedar.

Fiber Cement Siding

Don’t let the beautiful exterior fool you. Fiber cement siding is a durable yet beautiful siding. It combines the durability of cement with the style and innovation of fiber materials into one amazing siding. Fiber cement siding is the leading choice of Highlands Ranch homeowners because it lasts so long and looks so chic! Known for both its aesthetics and performance it is likely to for decades on your Highlands Ranch home. However, the beautiful wood look of this premium siding will have your neighbors doing a double-take. At Colorado Siding, we have carried Fiber Cement siding options for decades and are proud to be an Elite-preferred James Hardie installer but we carry GAF and Allura as options as well. If you are looking to invest in siding for your Highlands ranch for your home a fiber cement option will not disappoint and makes up a fair share of our installations in the area.

Engineered Composite Wood Siding

One of the strongest materials you can cover your Highlands Ranch home with is an engineered composite one. We carry LP SmartSide siding–a powerful option in and of itself. But made even more durable when treated with premium Diamond Kote prefinish. Few materials can compete with LP SmartSide treated with Diamond Kote. It is one of the most powerful options available for home siding protection today. It will surely keep your Highlands Ranch home looking pristine for years to come. Engineered to last decades, this stunning finish is also treated with a SmartGuard to the core. These extra layers of protection are why LP Smartside holds up to extreme heat, constant freezes/thaws, hail, prolific pests, and intense UV exposure–as we have here in Colorado. You get peace of mind when you install LP Smartside on your Highlands Ranch home and style too! Choose from 30 colors to pair with your Highlands Ranch home’s exterior features and landscaping–there are custom color options too. The possibilities are simply endless when it comes to LP SmartSide.

Vinyl Siding

The best thing about vinyl siding is that it is so very cost-effective. As a siding option for Highlands Ranch homes, it also offers premium, versatile aesthetics. Vinyl is not as durable as some more advanced material siding but is very budget-friendly and will last for years to come. It also comes in a ton of gorgeous color options–so you are sure to find a hue that matches your house’s style and landscaping. We typically recommend vinyl siding for Highlands Ranch homeowners looking to re-side a rental home or remodeling a property as an investment because it is so affordable and versatile. Also, vinyl siding is a great choice for first-time homebuyers with a home value under $350 or families who are just starting with their homeownership journey.

Steel Siding

If durability is what you are most looking for when it comes to residing your Highlands Ranch structure–steel siding may very well be the best option for you. We carry a wide range of steel siding solutions, each of them fantastic for Highlands Ranch commercial properties and other structures. Steel siding has advanced significantly in the last years–no coming in options that look like wood. This type of steel siding is absolutely stunning and yet makes for a strong siding that has the rigidity needed for decades come. No matter if you are looking to replace the siding on your Highlands Ranch, garage, storage facility, townhome, or apartment complex, or other commercial building– we here at Colorado Siding can help. We will help you explore the siding colors and styles that make steel so unique. We can field any questions and are always happy to make suggestions based on our past experiences. When you are ready to move forward we will assign you a project manager to make sure your project comes out on schedule and looks perfect.

Wood and Cedar Siding

Wood and cedar siding is a popular choice for home siding for a reason–its look is timeless. Here in Highlands Ranch, this type of siding goes perfectly with the high-end look of homes here. While wood and cedar siding are known to require a lot of maintenance, some people love the look too much to say no. For those who may not want the maintenance or are looking for something more durable, we offer “wood-like” alternatives LP SmartSide. But for those who aren’t dismayed by the maintenance–wood siding is indeed a fantastic option. There simply is no other siding look that is as stunning and nostalgic as cedarwood. It also looks great on houses in or near nature. Plus, our wood products are local from Rocky Mountain Forest Products so when you buy wood siding from us you support local business too.

Stonework and Stone Siding

Stone siding and accents are the pinnacle of style and such a great way to give your HIghlands Ranch home depth. What’s more, they are all but guaranteed to make your home stand out as a sophisticated, elegant abode. Stone siding is typically used as an accent on the bottom half or large architectural features of your home. It is used to give a unique modern but earthy feel and a look like no other. If you are looking to turn your home into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece–stone siding could very well be for you. If you’re looking for a way to make your home in Highlands Ranch feel extra special, stone siding could be the perfect solution. It goes well on older homes as a way to add a brick facade or on new-build homes to give an attractive natural appeal. We carry numerous stone varieties giving you the options and versatility you need to seamlessly blend stone siding with the look of your existing Highlands ranch home. Plus, our designers are extremely talented at perfectly blending stone with other siding materials for a unique look you will just love!

I love the product selection they had at Colorado Siding.WE orignally thought we would be going with Vinyl but LP ended up being a better choice.Thanks for steering us in the right direction!

Ella Hodgekins / Highlands Ranch, CO

Great service and wonderful job on the installation

Roman and Eve May / Highlands Ranch, CO

I don’t typically take the time to write reviews but I wish someone had pointed me to Colorado Siding sooner.We had a bad experience with the first siding contractor we hired who never finished the job.Colorado Siding is so professional and took such good care of us–I’m so glad we found them.

Laura Nommenson / Highlands Ranch, CO

Colorado Siding is the largest installer of James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding in the state. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and have won the customer service gold star for 7 straight years.Call us today and we will come to your Highlands Ranch home or business to learn more about your project. We can provide you with a free consultation or just answer some questions for you over the phone. Our team can’t wait to start working towards new siding on your property and providing you with something beautiful for years to come.