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Genesee Colorado Siding

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Siding for Home or Business in Genesee, Colorado

The winters in Genesee, Colorado, can be quite harsh, so you must protect your home from the elements. With Scottish Home Improvements as your local siding contractor, you can learn about the different options available to you that will help accomplish this daunting task. With the right siding, you can also experience lower heating bills and maintenance costs. We have been the popular choice for many years in Colorado, and once you see first hand the quality of products we provide as well as the impeccable customer service, you will understand why.

With the development of fiber cement siding, more and more Genesee homeowners are turning to James Hardie fiber cement siding for several reasons. This durable material needs little to no maintenance from year to year because it is hail proof, woodpecker resistant, and the color will not fade from the intense sunlight found at the high altitude of Genesse. Unlike vinyl, it will not crack or splinter in the freezing temperatures because it does not contract or expand with temperature changes. Possibly the most important and beneficial characteristic of James Hardie fiber cement siding, especially for the residents of Genesee, is that it is fire retardant. It is important to feel safe in your own home, and with the threat of wildfires in the area, James Hardie can help you accomplish that. Scottish Home Improvements  can help increase your levels of insulation with the use of fiber cement siding, too. You’ll see better energy bills and enjoy the warmth your new siding can give.

James Hardie siding can be crafted to match your current exterior, so there is no need to get rid of your natural wood or stone accents. In fact, Scottish Home Improvements can seal your cedar siding so that it will last longer and offer better protection for your home’s finishes.

For your business, Scottish Home Improvements offers steel siding. While it is not often used in residential areas, it is perfect for commercial spaces because steel siding requires little maintenance. It will hold up to the intense sun as well as the harsh winter months and biting winds.

Scottish Home Improvements recognizes each client as an individual homeowner. We will provide you with unbiased advice in order to help you achieve the highest value for cost. Call us today and find out how and why we have been successfully serving the residents of Colorado for the past 10 years.