You can protect your home from the harsh weather in Broomfield, Colorado when you choose Scottish Home Improvements as your siding contractor. We can help you discover the affordability and low maintenance available with several different types of home and business siding.

Residing your Broomfield property is an investment that will pay for itself. New siding not only makes a property more beautiful on the outside, but it also makes it more energy efficient and better protected from the elements. 

At Scottish Home Improvements, we don’t believe that you should have to sacrifice style in order to obtain good protection for your home. We carry a number of siding options that provide excellent durability as well as a beautiful outward appearance. Start exploring beautiful choices for stone, steel, stucco, vinyl, wood, and fiber cement siding today!

James Hardie Siding

When purchasing new siding for your Broomfield property, you’ll probably consider the insulation that the various siding options can offer as well as the materials’ abilities to withstand the weather. This is why so many property owners in Broomfield are turning to James Hardie® fiber cement siding. This material has proven to be long-lasting and protects your home from the harsh climate that Broomfield experiences in the winter. James Hardie® fiber cement siding can be installed with a factory pre-painted finish called ColorPlus® which carries a 15 year warranty on the finish as well as a 30 year prorated product warranty.

In the past 10 years, Scottish Home Improvements has installed ColorPlus® on many Broomfield homes and the product looks as good today as it did when first installed. This type of siding material needs little to no maintenance, as it holds up so well to the elements. We will always be happy and proud to let you know where you can visit our work locally.

James Hardie® offers many different styles and colors for your home. This means that we can recreate the style of your home currently or create something completely new. Our team can use a CAD program to take pictures of your home and show you what your new siding options are. This is the best way to show you exactly what your siding will look like before we even begin installation. Our dedicated team will take you through our many options and help you to make key choices that will best fit your preferences and the needs of your home.

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Fiber Cement Siding

Broomfield property owners truly cannot go wrong with fiber cement siding. Fiber cement is one of the toughest siding options out there. It can resist pests, moisture, fungal decay, snow, and even hail. No matter what type of weather comes away, you can rest assured that you’ll be prepared for whatever nature throws at you. 

At Scottish Home Improvements, we carry all of the leading fiber cement siding brands including Allura, James Hardie, GAF, Nichiha, and more. When you choose us for your home improvement project, you’ll be getting the best of the best siding and trim products available on the market today. 

Engineered Composite Wood Siding 

The siding industry has gone through quite a few changes in the last decades because of a new, cost-effective siding product– engineered wood. It is one of the industry’s newest additions and is growing fast while changing the way homeowners in Broomfield and all over the US side their homes. At Scottish Home Improvements, we offer two options for engineered wood siding: LP SmartSide and LP SmartSide with Diamond Kote.

LP SmartSide is an engineered wood product made with a strand and fiber substrate bonded with epoxy–making it which is durable and authentic.

One of the best selling points of LP SmartSide is its stunning appearance. It comes in a variety of styles like panel, lap, and shingle but what really sets it apart are its rich colors. With all the bold, beautiful LP offers, you are sure to find a color to suit your home’s unique charm.

LP SmartSide is made out of resin and wood, making it less brittle than Fiber Cement but still harder to dent than Vinyl. This makes LP a great choice for homes in Broomfield that see more than their fair share of hail storms throughout the year.

What our clients love the most about LP SmartSide is the price. It is much lower than Fiber cement (25%-35% less expensive) and just as lovely. Pound for pound, it is hard to get a siding product as durable, beautiful and affordable on the market today.

When looking for the strongest protection for your Broomfield home, the siding of choice is LP SmartSide, treated with premium Diamond Kote pre-finish.  It is one of the best options available on the market today to keep your Broomfield home looking flawless for years to come. For houses from Crofton Park all the way up to the Wilcox neighborhood, there is arguably no better siding product with such unparalleled power to protect against the sometimes extreme Broomfield elements.

Designed to last, this stunning finish is built-on LP® SmartSide, an engineered wood product, which is already treated with a SmartGuard (to the core).  Meaning–you get a number of substantial layers of protection against elements like extreme heat, constant freezes+thaws, and intense UV exposure–all things Broomfield homes is sure to weather year after year. Plus, you can choose from 30 bold colors for your Broomfield abode and there are custom color options too. With Diamond Kote, the possibilities are nearly unlimited and protection a guarantee.  

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Vinyl Siding

We always recommend vinyl siding for Broomfield homeowners on a strict budget. This siding option is a great choice for home remodels, rental homes, and investment properties. Vinyl siding is the most affordable choice, offering versatile aesthetics and proficient durability. Vinyl siding also offers lower maintenance when compared to wood or cedar siding.

When you work with us, you’ll have no shortage of vinyl siding options to choose from. We work with industry leading manufacturers like Alside, CertainTeed, and Royal Building, giving you access to a variety of customization options, styles, and colors of vinyl to choose from in order to create your dream home.

Steel Siding

Steel siding is an excellent option for commercial buildings. The aesthetic appeal doesn’t make it a great choice for residential buildings, but you can be sure the steel will hold up under the worst weather for your business. Steel siding also requires very little maintenance, unlike many wood and vinyl options.

At Scottish Home Improvements, we carry a number of steel siding options that are quite beautiful and will enrich any residential or commercial property. This includes a large selection of premium brands such as Alside. Alside steel siding has created a more residential-friendly product that actually imitates the look of wood paired with the durability of steel. For more information on our steel options, please reach out today!

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Wood and Cedar Siding

Wood siding has always been a popular option for properties in Broomfield. Many Colorado homeowners feel that wood best embodies the natural beauty of their state and enjoy its rich color and texture. While wood was once considered a high maintenance product, today’s wood siding products are being built to be more durable and stronger than they ever have been.

When you choose us for your wood siding install, we’ll work closely with you to create the perfect look for your home. Whether you’re seeking to obtain an upscale craftsman aesthetic or a quaint, country cottage look, we’ll help you select the right wood siding options to bring your vision to life!

Stonework and Stone Siding

Stone is a beautiful choice for siding, whether it’s used on its own or to compliment other exterior materials. Stone siding exhibits a wonderful color and texture and also provides excellent weather protection. Plus, there are so many beautiful options to choose from, ranging from river stone and pebble stone to beautiful brick, fieldstone, and more!

Placing stone accents is one of our specialties here at Scottish Home Improvements. We are experts at choosing the perfect spot for stone accents in order to highlight a property’s best features. We’ll work diligently to create a beautiful appearance for your home that your family cherishes. 

We are so glad that we choose Scottish Home Improvements! They were friendly and professional the whole time. Highly recommend this company!

Sarah & John S. / Broomfiled, CO

Our siding was outdated and was starting to show signs of wear. We choose Scottish Home Improvements because they had a good reputation and came highly recommended. Our new James Hardie siding looks great!

Brent & Sandra T. / Broomfield, CO

I had a hard time choosing siding at first. I loved the look of cedar siding, but was concerned about maintenance. Scottish Home Improvements recommended LP SmartSide. My home looks beautiful and there’s practically zero maintenance involved. 

Brian F. / Broomfiled, CO
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