Beautiful Aluminum Siding for Your Property

Work with the leading experts specializing in aluminum siding in Colorado. We’ve been installing metal siding for years and can recommend all the best options and brands.

This type of siding material can be beautiful but like any other siding comes with its own set of pros and cons. Due to its inherent nature as a soft metal, the thickness of your aluminum siding is very significant when it comes to durability and product life. The thickest aluminum siding available, 53-gauge, is preferred for Colorado homeowners seeking a longer-lasting siding product. Our siding experts will be more than happy to walk you through your options and help you select the best choice!

Additionally, we have other alternative siding materials around the same price point that we can outline for you during your free consultation. Whether you’re looking to reside your home or commercial property, you can count on us for high-quality metal siding!

Aluminum Siding Benefits

Aluminum siding offers Colorado property owners higher durability and impact resistance, outperforming vinyl siding by far. Additionally, aluminum siding doesn’t rust and is actually completely waterproof.

Overall, this siding option is a better choice for Colorado homes when compared to vinyl siding. Vinyl can crack when exposed to extreme cold climates, while aluminum isn’t affected by the cold.

Additionally, aluminum siding offers moderate fire resistance and great insect resistance while requiring low maintenance requirements except for needing new paint every decade.

Steel Siding & Other Options

Colorado Siding offers a range of options for aluminum siding in Colorado. Whether you’re interested in only aluminum or are open to exploring other alternatives, we will be more than happy to discuss your siding needs. Steel siding is the best alternative to aluminum, but we also carry other great selections of fiber cement, wood, wood composite, vinyl, and more. 

We thought we wanted aluminum siding but Colorado Siding suggested steel and it works perfectly.

Myrtle and Ed / Denver, CO

Our old aluminum siding was looking bad.  Colorado Siding removed it and replaced it and it looks awesome.

Robert Perez / Aurora, CO

Aluminum siding was our first choice. We love it and are thankful Colorado Siding led us to it.

TC Barrymore / Littleton, CO

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For Colorado homeowners seeking aluminum siding, we are happy to talk to you about alternatives that are in the same price range or functionality. We work with a full range of vinyl and composite siding options that provide an attractive price point, versatile aesthetics, and even some energy-efficient options. For more information regarding different siding options available for your property, please contact us!