James Hardie vs LP SmartSide for Denver Homes

James Hardie vs. LP SmartSide Siding denver

Two of the most popular siding options are James Hardie Fiber Cement and LP SmartSide. We highly recommend both James Hardie and LP SmartSide for Denver area homes because they are both durable options, an important factor for home siding in a climate like Colorado. We’ve completed siding projects all over the Denver metro area, including homes as far east as Aurora to homes in Central Denver as well as the West Side near the Highlands and Edgewater, and we’ve seen great results from both options.


If you’re considering re-siding your home, we recommend research both options. It’s your home and ultimately it’s your decision which option you choose. There are many benefits to both options, which we will discuss here.

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Benefits of James Hardie Fiber Cement

We’ve worked with James Hardie siding products for years. They’re durable, energy-efficient, and simply beautiful. Here are just some of the many advantages James Hardie has to offer:
Fire resistance– James Hardie is an excellent choice for homes located in forest areas like the mountains and the foothills where wildfires are common. It can also be used for homes located in the city, because, let’s face it. Fires are something that happens to homes of all types, whether it’s the result of bad electrical wiring or a malfunctioning appliance.
Insect resistance– One of the great things about James Hardie is that it’s pest resistant. Its durable material is practically impenetrable and can keep woodpeckers and termites from ruining your home.
Moisture resistance– Exposure to rain and snow can cause your siding to rot. But not with James Hardie. James Hardie does an excellent job of repelling water and is not prone to warping or cracking.
Warranty– James Hardie offers a limited 30-year warranty on their siding products and a 15-year warranty on trim.

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Benefits of LP SmartSide

LP SmartSide is another great option for homeowners in Colorado. With LP SmartSide you get to enjoy many benefits such as:
Great warranty– LP SmartSide siding and trim are backed by a 50-year warranty and a 5 warranty on the finish.
Length– Longer planks create less seems, creating a more even-looking appearance.
Workability – LP SmartSide does not require any special tools to cut and can be trimmed using a regular saw. It’s also lightweight and easy to install.
Low maintenance- LP SmartSide attracts very little dust, making it cleaner and easier to wash.

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