3 Stunning James Hardie Siding Colors For A Gorgeous Lakewood Home

James Hardie Siding Colors:  The Very Best For Your Home

Nestled along the Front Range of Colorado, Lakewood is a beautiful town with a mixture of old and new homes. Homeowners in Lakewood, CO, face the unique challenge of keeping their houses protected against both harsh seasons of Colorado – dry hot summers, and freezing snow packed winters. Of course, if you own a home in Lakewood, you also want it to be beautiful! Have you ever considered James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding?

James Hardie Siding is the highest rated siding brand in the US, and for good reason. It is engineered to withstand extreme Lakewood, Colorado, weather conditions. Not only that, it comes with an unbeatable warranty and virtually hundreds of color combinations. Looking for design inspiration? We can help with that! Here are our top choices for James Hardie Siding Colors for your Lakewood home.

Three Top James Hardie Siding Colors For a Gorgeous Lakewood Home


Sail Cloth White/Neutral


One of our favorite James Hardie Siding colors is Sail Cloth. It is just what you might imagine from the term – the color of a sailboat’s canvas – not quite white but invoking that soft, neutral palette that you want if you desire a warm, relaxed feeling.


Boothbay Blue


Then there is James Hardie’s Boothbay Blue, which is perfect if you love the colors of the sky or the ocean. This is a cool toned siding, and it is homey and peaceful, an ideal choice for your Lakewood home.


Night Gray



Looking for a modern feel? Night Gray from James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding is for you. It is a dark charcoal gray that is sophisticated and totally on trend. For modern homes in Lakewood, this is an excellent choice.


Why James Hardie Siding?


James Hardie is trusted across the nation as the best siding product on the market. Its quality, workmanship, endurance, and beauty are all backed by a 15-year warranty on James Hardie trim and a 30-year warranty on James Hardie siding.


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