Northern Colorado is no stranger to extreme weather conditions.

Anyone who lives in northern Colorado knows how severe the weather conditions can be. From the extreme heat and strong sun of high elevations, to extreme, punishingly cold winters, and the winds that lately don’t ever seem to stop. Northern Colorado has its fair share of brutal weather, so it only stands to reason that in Northern Colorado, siding makes a huge difference.

We are talking about the type of siding on your home. Is it traditional wood shingles? Old school vinyl? New and green fiber cement? It does make a difference, perhaps not right away but definitely over time, as it’s exposed to blazing sun, UV rays, hail, gusting winds, dramatic changes in temperature in a given day, and bitter cold snaps.

Fact is, this kind of weather can be harsh on a home. If you are considering getting new siding for a northern Colorado home, we suggest thoroughly researching the pros and cons of various different types of siding.

Although carries a full range for every need and taste, the fact is we favor the kind with the most “pros” and the least “cons.” That would be fiber cement siding. As opposed to wood, this type is perfect for any northern Colorado dwelling. It adds an extra layer of insulation to the home, doesn’t warp, split, melt, or act as fuel in the case of a fire. It is not edible or attractive to termites or woody-woodpeckers. And it’s virtually maintenance free.

woodmoor colorado residential siding

If you live in an area of northern Colorado that is subject to heavy gusting winds, you might be interested to hear that this type of siding can be installed to withstand hurricane force winds without damage.

Whatever northern Colorado siding you decide upon, make sure you choose reputable, experienced, and thoroughly professional company to work with. After all, siding is a major investment.

(By the way, did you know that James Hardie fiber cement siding is rated as one of the top home improvement investments, with a higher ROI on your investment than even adding another bathroom to the house?)

For northern Colorado, siding is not complicated. You need one that will withstand the elements, look beautiful and enhance the value on your home, and require as little maintenance as humanly possible. Because honestly, do you want to spend another minute or another dime monkeying around with fading, flaking, warping, loosening siding once you’ve had it installed?

You do not! Not only do we at Colorado Siding guarantee our work, our sidings come with a strong warrantee from their various manufacturers as well.

If you have questions about which siding to choose, how much it will cost, or what the process of installation is like, please contact us today. We look forward to earning your business, and making your home more beautiful and more comfortable.

Martin Faith is a proud Scotsman, business owner, and home improvement expert. In 2002, after an unfortunate experience with a local contractor and a siding project gone wrong, Martin decided to start his own home improvements company. His goal was to help other homeowners avoid having to suffer through the same experience. He founded Scottish Home Improvements, a customer-focused siding company based in Denver. Martin's small business grew rapidly and today is the largest siding company in the state. With an A+ Rating from the BBB, recognition as a Preferred James Hardie Elite Contractor, and over fifteen years of experience, Scottish Home Improvements is the number one trusted source for residential and commercial siding in Colorado.