Jame Hardie To Preserve The Character Of Your Wash Park Home

James Hardie:  The Perfect Historical Home Siding

Everybody in Denver knows and likely loves the charm of the various houses in Washington Park.  From Shotgun bungalows to quaint Tudors there are many styles nestled into this thriving neighborhood and it is these historical gems that really give the neighborhood its ubiquitous appeal.  Which is why choosing a siding, like James Hardie Fiber Cement is a great idea for homeowners in the Washington Park neighborhood, as a way to keep the authenticity of their historical home intact and, as it were, increase the value of their home and the homes that surround them.

James Hardie Fiber Cement For A Historically Authentic Look

Originally most of the homes in the Washington Park neighborhood that were not made of brick had wood siding.  While wood siding is lovely and nostalgic, it does require quite a bit of maintenance and is not nearly as durable as the new types of siding on the market–namely James Hardie Fiber Cement.  This means by choosing James Hardie for your historical home, you choose durability–which in the long run saves you money. But, the best part about choosing James Hardie fiber cement is there is no loss in authenticity because James Hardie Fiber Cement replicates the luxurious appearance of real wood.  This siding also comes in some of the most lovely color selections, some of which have a distinct vintage flare–making the siding all that much more perfect for historic homes in Washington Park.

James Hardie Fiber Cement For Increased Home And Neighborhood Value

As mentioned, when you choose James Hardie for your Washington Park home, you choose a durable siding that will look good for years to come.  It is, after all, a premium siding in look, and pricing. This means you add resale value to your historical home because frankly, using a high-end siding like James Hardie is the proper way to side a historic remodel.  And, it is not only your home that benefits–the homes around you go up in value in the form of comps and overall neighborhood curb appeal. So James Hardie is a great way to not only benefit your home but the Washington Park community as a whole.


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