Do I Need House Wrap For My Siding Installation?

Housewrap For Your Colorado Home

We often times get questions from potential clients on housewrap.  It is something people are often confused about and hear different opinions about when shopping for siding for their homes.  Questions like: Does it prevent moisture? Inhibit mold? Help prevent drafts?  The answer is–it does all that and more and when installed by the right contractor, like Colorado Siding, it can be invaluable in energy conservation as well.

How Housewrap Protects And Insults Your Colorado Home

Essentially what housewrap do is seal gaps and leaks in the OSB panels or plywood sheathing that make up your home’s exterior walls. Not only does it stop the drafts from high Colorado winds from reaching your insulation–it also prevents heated and cooled air from seeping out through the walls. Of course, your siding is really the main defense against such things but almost any siding is going to have small gaps and cracks at the joints where siding panels line up.  However, when you have housewrap installed before the siding goes onto your house you can mitigate any seepage and lower your energy costs by keeping hot and cold air out of your house.

House wrap also keeps your home more water tight and when hung correctly will not trap the water leading to mold and rot.   Almost any kind of siding you can install provides an opportunity for water infiltration, however some types more so than others.  Wood tends to benefit the most from housewrap but siding that’s assembled from large panels also makes a good candidate, too, since water can seep through cracks where the pieces are joined.

The most important part about housewrap is having a professional like Colorado Siding install it properly and up to brand standards.  To find out more about housewrap and to schedule a free, on-site estimate, contact us today!

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