3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Siding with LP SmartSide Siding


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Did you know that one of your duties as a homeowner is to periodically check your home’s siding for problems? This visual inspection can save a lot of time and money down the road. We recommend doing a visual inspection at least quarterly in order to prevent small problems from getting bigger. If you notice that your Denver home’s siding is experiencing one of these following issues, you’ll know that it’s time for you to replace it with LP SmartSide.

What to Look for During Your Denver Home Siding Inspection

  1. Warps, cracks, or missing siding: Whether your home has suffered from extensive hail damage or your siding is simply deteriorating from old age, any signs of warps, cracks, or missing planks should be a big red flag. This exposes the insulation and underlayment of your siding which can lead to structural issues.
  2. Mold or moisture rot: Your home can fall victim to mold, moisture rot, termite decay, and much more. Since we experience some extreme weather and pests here, it is important to check for soggy spots and mold on the exterior of your siding. Don’t let compromised siding lead to extensive property damage.
  3. Issues with your wallpaper or paint: Did you know that peeling paint and wallpaper can actually be symptoms of failing siding? When moisture enters your home’s siding, it impacts the inside of your house.

Work with Denver’s Trusted LP SmartSide Siding Contractor

Colorado Siding is proud to be Denver’s trusted LP SmartSide siding contractor. LP SmartSide offers a highly durable siding option that’s perfect for Colorado homes. Engineered with the SmartGuard process, LP SmartSide is available in prefinished options and is also available for paint. The various design options ensure heightened curb appeal.

For more information regarding LP SmartSide for your Denver home, please contact us!

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