LP® SmartSide® Siding

LP® SmartSide® Siding

LP® SmartSide® Siding for Denver

Colorado Siding is proud to partner with LP® SmartSide® to provide Colorado homeowners with durable, high-quality siding. LP®SmartSide® is an excellent choice for Colorado homes due to its incredible strength and weather resistance. At Colorado Siding, we carry a full selection of LP® SmartSide® siding options, including many siding styles, colors, and textures as well as a variety of options for accents and trim. Whether you need siding replacement for your home, multi-family property, or commercial building, we can provide the perfect solution for you.

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LP® SmartSide® Siding Strength & Durability

LP® SmartSide® is specially engineered for advanced strength and durability and can provide your home and family with the protection you need. It’s created using a special coating called SmartGuard® made out of high-quality binders, wax, and zinc borate that provides protection against heat and moisture. With LP® SmartSide®, you can enjoy all the benefits of energy-efficient siding as well as a beautiful appearance that lasts over the years.

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LP® SmartSide® Siding Durability for Denver Homes

Homes in Colorado are frequently subjected to harsh weather conditions and also encounter severe temperature variations throughout the year. This makes it incredibly important to have durable, well-insulated siding. LP® SmartSide® is both highly durable and is able to withstand all types of weather and climate conditions. With LP® SmartSide® siding for your Colorado home, you can enjoy:

  • Resistance to pests, termites, and fungal decay
  • Impact resistance that protects against rocks, golf balls, and hail
  • Protection from intense heat and UV rays that cause fading
  • Protection from water infiltration that causes siding to rot, warp, or crack
  • Peace of mind from an excellent warranty

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LP® SmartSide® Siding Benefits for Denver Properties

LP® SmartSide® offers premium engineered wood technology for superior protection against wind, moisture, hail, fungal decay, and termites. This premium siding product is built to last, providing an incredibly durable option from its proprietary SmartGuard® process. With numerous designs and styles available, better curb appeal is achievable for both residential and commercial properties. LP® SmartSide® features a lighter weight siding product with lengths that are up to 16 feet. This reduces seams while providing a quicker installation process. Backed by an industry-leading 5/50-year limited warranty, homeowners and business owners alike can rest assured knowing their investment is comprehensively protected.

lp smartside siding denver colorado

LP® SmartSide® Siding Products

LP® SmartSide offers the following siding products so you can customize the look and feel of your property:

  • Lap Siding: Available in cedar texture, 12″ bold profiles, 16″ bold profiles, colonial beaded, and smooth finish. Lap siding offers the traditional look of horizontal siding and can be paired with countless trim and accessory options.

LP® SmartSide® Lap Siding Application
LP® SmartSide® Lap Siding Application Instructions
LP® SmartSide® Lap Siding Tips

  • Panel and Vertical Siding: Available in cedar texture, stucco finish, smooth finish, reverse board and batten, and vertical siding. Panel siding offers a seamless look that can enhance certain architectural styles. Vertical siding can visually lengthen the height of your home, bringing your eye to certain architectural elements.

LP® SmartSide® Panel Siding Application
LP® SmartSide® Panel Siding Installation
LP® SmartSide® Cedar Vertical Siding Brochure

  • Shingles and Shakes: Available in Perfection Shingle and cedar texture shakes. Perfect for enhancing the character and charm of a property.

LP® SmartSide® Shake Siding Application
LP® SmartSide® Perfection Shingle Application
LP® SmartSide® Cedar Shake Application

  • Trim and Fascia: Available in cedar texture, reversible trim, and smooth finish trim options. LP® SmartSide® trim and fascia options can pair perfectly with any of their siding choices.

LP® SmartSide® Trim and Fascia Catalogue
LP® SmartSide® Trim and Fascia Application
LP® SmartSide® Trim and Fascia FAQ

  • Soffit: Available in cedar texture, vented, and smooth finish options. LP® SmartSide® soffit offers a versatile option that can be paired with any LP® siding products.

LP® SmartSide® Soffit Installation Application
LP® SmartSide® Soffit Warranty
LP® SmartSide® Soffit Product Catalogue

LP® SmartSide Color Options for Denver Homes

lp smartside siding denver colorado

LP® SmartSide® offers full versatility when it comes to color options and design appeal. All LP® SmartSide® siding options are primed and ready for paint. Homeowners can choose any color for their siding, trim, and accessories. There are also various pre-finisher options that work with LP® SmartSide® siding.

Prefinished LP® SmartSide Siding Benefits

With the most extensive prefinished network available, homeowners and business owners can find even more benefits to enjoy.

  • Improved durability against UV radiation
  • Beautiful alternative to fiber cement or traditional vinyl siding
  • Available in 16′ lengths for quicker installation and fewer seams
  • Prefinished coatings offer quality consistency, instant curb appeal, and individual warranties
  • Prefinished siding is ideal for cold and wet seasons, eliminating the issue of wet paint

We recommend Diamond Kote for all prefinished LP® SmartSide® siding options. They deliver premium UV resistance along with a stunning color palette perfect for Denver properties.

lp smartside siding denver colorado

LP® SmartSide® Siding Resources for Denver Homeowners

Colorado Siding is happy to partner with LP® SmartSide® to provide a cost-effective, durable siding option that any Denver home can benefit from. Here are some resources regarding LP® SmartSide®:

LP® SmartSide® Siding Product Guide and Specifications
LP® SmartSide® Trim and Siding Application
LP® SmartSide® Trim and Siding Application Instructions
LP® SmartSide® Siding Catalog
LP® SmartSide® Consumer Brochure
LP® SmartSide® Siding Catalog and Brochure

Schedule a Free LP® SmartSide® Siding Consultation for Your Colorado Home

If you would like to learn more about LP® SmartSide® or other siding products or are interested in exploring siding options for your home, please contact our office. One of our staff members would be more than happy to assist you or help you schedule an appointment for a free onsite consultation for your Colorado home.

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