Benefits of Installing James Hardie® Siding Colorado

Benefits of Installing James Hardie® Siding Colorado

See the Superior Value of Fiber Cement Siding across Colorado

James Hardie Cost vs. Value Proof

fiber cement siding colorado

For the last 7 years James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding  has place First Place for “Return on Investment” when compared against all other typical home improvement projects.  Especially in Denver’s varied climates, James Hardie® Siding is an excellent home improvement choice.
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Your Home’s Values Increase with James Hardie® Siding
Scottish Home Improvement is a leading Denver installer of James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding.  We work with fiber cement products because we strongly believe in the quality of the material and its ability to increase the value of our client’s homes.

  • Fiber cement siding gives you a better return than adding a bathroom!
  • Moderate renovations to your kitchen gives you a 10% lower return on your investment than fiber cement return
  • Dollar for dollar adding another bedroom or two has a 23% lower return than fiber cement siding
  • In Colorado’s harsh winters fiber cement siding can act as another layer of insulation against the extreme cold

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Remodeling Magazine has published the Cost vs/ Value report since 1988 to measure which home improvement projects have the highest direct return on investment for home owners at time of resale.  James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding has won for the past 7 years straight (2004-2011).

Projects* 2009 Rank 2008 Rank 2007 Rank 2006 Rank 2005 Rank
Siding Replacement—Fiber Cement 1 1 1 1 1
Siding Replacement—Foam Back Vinyl 6 4 7 9 4
Minor Kitchen Remodel 7 5 4 4 3
Mid Range Bathroom Remodel 14 11 6 4 2
Mid Range Roof Replacement 18 22 22 18 1

The results can be seen in more detail here: