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While it is beautiful, Silverthorne, Colorado’s mountain location can be hard on the outsides of homes in the area. The harsh winter cold and snow can wreak havoc on a building’s exterior siding. Scottish Home Improvements is your team of Silverthorne siding replacement experts, having recently completed the re-siding of more than 2 dozen condo units along Highway 9. Since we have been in business for more than a decade and have won the BBB Gold Star for the past 7 years, we are a company you can trust.

The extensive collection of siding products and the vast array of siding services offered by Scottish Home Improvements provides Silverthorne residents the opportunity to opt for siding that will improve the appearance of their home or business while simultaneously providing increased protection from the elements, reduced maintenance costs, and cost-effective energy savings. To learn more about how the Silverthorne siding replacement experts at Scottish Home Improvements can help you get more value and protection for your home, schedule a consultation!

James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding

While we can install vinyl, steel, wood, or stucco siding, unless your home’s exterior is specifically designed to work with cedar or stucco, we generally recommend fiber cement James Hardie® siding to our Silverthorne clients.

James Hardie® fiber cement siding is strong, durable, and fade resistant. This type of siding has also been demonstrated to be resistant to fire, termites, and woodpeckers, making James Hardie® siding great for Silverthorne mountain properties, as homes in this region are commonly afflicted by these pesky concerns. And it’s backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. Additionally, James Hardie® siding is offered in a wide array of colors and styles that can be cut to work in almost any home where wood has previously been used. For these reasons, James Hardie® siding is an excellent choice for Silverthorne homes.

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Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is praised for its durability and beauty. Made from some of the toughest materials on the planet, fiber cement is strong enough to hold up in even the most extreme conditions, including both harsh winter weather and summer heat. No matter what comes your way, whether it’s a blizzard, thunderstorm, or strong gusts of wind, this option will provide excellent protection for your home.

Another reason that fiber cement siding is a favorite among Silverthorne residents is its wood-like appearance. Fiber cement has a fantastic texture. Its deep, shadowy lines and soft grooves make it look just like real cedar. Installing this siding will instantly give your home a boost in its outward appearance and resale value. 

Engineered Composite Wood Siding 

Many homeowners in Silverthorne appreciate the look of wood siding because its reflective of the natural beauty of their surroundings. And after all, you didn’t move to Silverthorne to be in the city; you wanted to live in nature and be surrounded by mountains! But as beautiful as it is, wood siding requires extra care and effort that some people simply don’t have the time for. In this case, engineered composite wood siding can be the perfect alternative!

By installing engineered composite wood siding for your Silverthorne home, you can still get that great rustic cabin look, but won’t have to deal with the hassle of extra maintenance. Engineered wood siding from LP SmartSide and Diamond Kote looks just as beautiful as pine, cedar, and other types of wood, but is much stronger and more weather resistant. 

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Vinyl Siding

If your siding has been recently damaged or you plan on selling your home soon, you may be in a situation where you need your property resided as quickly as possible at an affordable price. In this case, vinyl siding may be a good option for your Silverthorne home. Certain types of vinyl, like insulated vinyl siding are actually quite durable and may be suitable for certain properties.

At Scottish Home Improvements, we worry with a number of vinyl siding manufacturers, so you’re guaranteed to find an option that you like. We won’t rest until we’ve found the perfect fit for you and your home, at a price that fits within your budget. 

Steel Siding

Due to the industrial nature of steel siding, it was not an option that many homeowners considered until recently. However, the resent surge in contemporary style homes and craftsman homes has allowed steel to make a strong comeback. Steel siding looks modern and elegant. It can be used on its own or mixed with other options like wood or fiber cement to create an upscale, curated look.

Steel siding is a durable and low-maintenance option for any building. It’s the perfect choice for Silverthorne residents looking to protect their property in an affordable way.

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Wood and Cedar Siding

If you’re like many homeowners in Silverthorne and love that log cabin look, you’re sure to enjoy the look of wood siding. Wood siding is a natural choice for homes in the mountains. It looks stunning on cabins in dense forest areas as well as country style homes in open plains or meadows.

At Scottish, we carry multiple options for wood siding, including natural cedar, pine, and spruce, as well as fiber cement faux wood and engineered wood siding from LP SmartSide. We partner with local manufacturers like Specialty Wood Products and Rocky Mountain Forest Products to provide you with the best locally sourced wood siding available.

Stonework and Stone Siding

Homes in mountain towns like Silverthorne look stunning with stone siding. Stone siding beautifully compliments mountain scenery and makes a stunning addition to homes large and small. It’s perfect for creating accents for condos and townhomes or even on its own for single-family homes.

Our siding experts will help you select the perfect style of stonework for your home and place accents in just the right places to make your exterior shine. Whether you’re looking for something traditional like cobble stone or brick, or something  stylish like fieldstone, stacked stone, or something else, we’ve got what you need!

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We chose LP SmartSide for our home because it was the perfect compromise between beauty and durability. We love how it looks like real wood, yet it’s super low maintenance. 

Samantha & Kurt A. / Silverthorne, CO

My project manager was extremely knowledgeable and was able to guide me through the entire process. Thank you Colorado Siding for making my home look beautiful! 

Heather R. / Silverthorne, CO

We needed a durable option for our home because we get some pretty intense weather where we live. Our project manager recommended James Hardie and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

Jordan & Alisha L. / Silverthorne, CO

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