Why not try Fiber Cement, the trim that will stand the test of time?


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Trim is one of those things people rarely give a thought to, but it does have a specific purpose, a specific design element that can make a huge difference. When it comes to home siding, and especially to fiber cement siding, the trim is meant to enhance the style of your home. To accomplish this task, it is made in a wide variety of colors, including colors that match the color of your siding, colors that are either darker or lighter but in the same tone as your siding, and colors that are a complement or contrast to the color of your siding.

Each one will create a completely different effect for your home. Many people give serious consideration to the color of their trim when the time comes to buy new siding, but what about the quality?

Choosing the best quality trim—fiber cement trim—makes a big difference to the durability of the overall look. You are spending a lot of money on your siding, make sure your trim will stand the test of time in terms of color retention, and hardiness.

James Hardie fiber cement trim and fascia is not only comes in over 1,000 color combinations, but is also one of the most durable trim products on the market. It’s no surprise that here at Colorado Siding, we install more James Hardie fiber cement siding—and trim—than any other kind.

How would you like to add a beautifully colored fiber cement trim and fascia to your home, that will not fade, peel, chip, or need repainting—guaranteed for fifteen years and known to last even longer than that? How would you like to have your siding installed, knowing that it is virtually a maintenance free product?

James Hardie

Because of James Hardie’s voluminous color choices, virtually any shade can be found. Whether you want earth tones, stark black, pristine white, or a deep and rich jewel tone, you will be delighted by the look of James Hardie trims.

Of course, all the celebrated benefits of this siding also hold true for their fiber cement trim. The same color retention, with the baked in Color Plus technology. The same increase in the value of your home, along with the best return on investment for a home improvement option. (Did you know that James Hardie’s fiber cement siding and fiber cement trim give you a better ROI than even adding another bathroom on your home?)

The James Hardie fiber cement trim has the same non-combustible quality as their siding, assuring you that although it cannot stop a fire, it definitely will not add fuel to one!

If you are considering new siding for your home, don’t forget the trim. It can make or break the whole look of the project, and of course you want your home to stay looking great for as many years as possible, maintenance free . . . don’t you?

Give us a call to learn more about fiber cement trim today!

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