The Importance of Installing Siding That Can Stand Up to Harsh Colorado Winter Weather


Colorado homes can have a difficult time withstanding our harsh weather, especially during winter months. It’s pertinent to find a durable siding material that can endure the freezing temperatures, moisture from snowstorms, and the impact from hail. Some of the more affordable siding options, like vinyl siding, easily crack from freezing temperatures leading to costly repairs. James Hardie® fiber cement siding is actually engineered for our climate to ensure complete defense from all the elements all year-round.

Benefits of James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding for Your Colorado Home

James Hardie® fiber cement siding highly differs from vinyl siding, wood siding, and other siding options due to its strength and durability, especially when tested in Colorado’s harsh winter weather. James Hardie® fiber cement siding won’t crack or warp from severe weather conditions or our rapid climate changes. Engineered especially for Colorado, HardieZone® 5 was made to protect homes from moisture, snowstorms, and a variety of other Colorado-specific issues. James Hardie® fiber cement siding leads to lower maintenance and requires fewer long-term repairs and expenses since it is such a strong siding material. Additionally, the UV-resistant colors available for James Hardie® fiber cement siding provide decades of vibrant curb appeal that can escalate the resale value of your Colorado home.

Installation Process for James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding in Colorado Homes

Colorado Siding is happy to offer free in-home consultations to discuss all your requirements and goals for this large renovation project. We’re happy to provide computer-aided designs to show you finalized versions of your home with the potential siding options you’re considering prior to installation. We always want to make sure you’re 100% on board every step of the way. Our passionate siding team provides worry-free, timely installation processes so that your home can experience all the benefits immediately.

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