Steel siding is a popular option for durability.


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Many homeowners choose stucco, wood, or vinyl when it comes to siding. One material that is often over-looked is steel siding. As you might imagine, steel siding is one of the most durable siding materials available.

And when and if you decide to take it off, the steel can be infinitely recycled, making this a green choice as well.

Most people only imagine steel on commercial buildings, perhaps barns or sheds, and are surprised when we suggest it for their homes. Although it’s true that steel siding has been the preferred choice for industrial buildings—mainly owing to its lack of required maintenance and its strength and durability, the fact is that what we are offering is not your mama’s steel siding!

(Did you know that the Sears & Roebuck Company actually began offering embossed steel siding which featured various stone and brick patterns all the way back in the 1930s?)

If you are imagining steel siding to be ugly, stark, utilitarian, and perhaps even likely to make your home hotter than it already is, you are in for a big surprise. Today’s modern steel siding actually will protect your home from fluctuation temperatures outside, which is a major plus in Colorado’s frequently dramatic climate. Steel has the durability and the strength to protect your home or commercial building from any amount of snow, rain, wind, or hail that Mother Nature can throw at it, without any loss in aesthetics.

Steel siding warping? Not a chance! Rusting? You’ve got the wrong metal!

Steel siding peeling, splitting, or attracting varmints like hungry woodpeckers or termites the way wood or stucco does? Literally impossible! (We’d hate to see a woodpecker break his beak, but hopefully they are smart enough to steer clear of this super substance!)


Today’s steel siding comes in lovely colors, with finishes that are baked on for a long lasting, low maintenance product. We’d be willing to bet you’ve seen a lot of homes with steel siding and never had any idea it was actually steel. Our advice? Just install it and enjoy it!

And talk to us about special insulation installed with your steel siding, to add another level of protection and to help you cut down on your energy heating and cooling bills.

If you are reading this article in a hurricane zone, steel siding, properly installed, will withstand category 5 hurricane winds. How’s that for a stable, durable, investment in your home?

And for all you “mountain cabin” owners who love the look of your rustic log cabins, but can’t bear the maintenance they require, there is even rolled steel siding that can mimic the look of real logs.

Siding your home, whether on a mountain peak or in suburbia, whether a mansion or a humble cabin, is a major investment. How do you choose the best siding for your needs and your budget?

It’s simple, really. Just give us a call here at Colorado Siding, and discuss your needs with one of our steel siding (and other siding) experts!


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