Steel Siding for Modern Homes

When it comes to more modern homes and businesses, vinyl and fiber cement may just not fit the style that you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something to really suit the ultra-sleek flair of your home or business facility, steel siding is an innovative, contemporary option when it’s time to choose a material for your exterior remodel.

Sleek Steel Siding Options

Steel siding is far less common for residential spaces, but it’s breaking through in some of the more modern and renovated neighborhoods in the Denver area. Traditional neighborhoods are well primed for traditional siding options, but when you’re looking for the ultimate in contemporary style, why limit yourself to these customary selections?


Steel siding offers a much more sleek and malleable style for any building. With less visible seams, tons of great color and texture options, you’ll be able to create the ideal design for your outdoor space. With the trend of large, sharp picture windows in modern homes and offices, the rigidness of steel siding can easily complement the look and feel of the exterior style.

Steel Siding Contractors

Since steel siding is less common, particularly for homeowners, it’s extremely important that you work with a team that can offer extensive experience with this material. Installation processes are different with each siding material, and Colorado Siding is proud to offer an expert team to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

If you have any questions about how steel siding can carry out your modern design ideas for your home or business, contact us today for more options. We are proud to work with a talented exterior designer who can digitally show you the options for completing your exterior remodeling project beautifully! We can’t wait to begin working on your steel siding Colorado project immediately!

Martin Faith is a proud Scotsman, business owner, and home improvement expert. In 2002, after an unfortunate experience with a local contractor and a siding project gone wrong, Martin decided to start his own home improvements company. His goal was to help other homeowners avoid having to suffer through the same experience. He founded Scottish Home Improvements, a customer-focused siding company based in Denver. Martin's small business grew rapidly and today is the largest siding company in the state. With an A+ Rating from the BBB, recognition as a Preferred James Hardie Elite Contractor, and over fifteen years of experience, Scottish Home Improvements is the number one trusted source for residential and commercial siding in Colorado.