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Are you interested in hearing the advantages of steel siding, Colorado? This type of siding has some major advantages in durability, low maintenance, and of course, it’s non-flammable qualities.

Aluminum siding was extremely popular during the middle of the last century. Then steel came in. Steel siding can give a building a sleek and modern appearance. But for a long time, steel siding in Colorado was maligned because it did not present a particularly aesthetic appearance. These days, steel siding comes with durable baked on finishes and can even come with the look of wood siding, including a grain pattern.

But with today’s steel siding, Colorado commercial builders are much more likely to use it because it now comes in much more attractive colors and styles. And although energy intensive to produces, steel is a fairly “green” product when it comes to siding, because it is made of a considerable percentage of recycled steel.

When it comes to steel siding, Colorado Siding is a contractor with experience you can trust. We have fifteen years in the siding business and have installed every type of siding currently on the market. Our installers are experienced, professional, and trained to do the job right the first.


Although steel siding does require some maintenance if it gets scratched or chipped, basically all you have to do is hose it down once a year to keep it looking great. (Scratches can rust, so if your steel siding does develop them, prime and paint as quickly as possible.)

Steel siding is a great choice for many types of commercial buildings, factories, etc. But it is also a great choice for homes. Steel siding can last a good forty years and when replaced, the steel can simply be recycled again and again into new siding or any other recycled steel product. It can give a home a different look because it can be installed “seamlessly,” meaning the panels can be cut to the entire length of the home.

With steel siding, Colorado residents get a product that is arguably the most durable on the market today. It won’t warp, buckle, rot, dry out, crack, burn, be eaten by termites. It is an excellent choice to protect a commercial building or a home and keep the interior well insulated against fluctuating outside temperatures. In short, steel siding does everything a high quality siding product should do and looks great while doing it.

Colorado siding offers the best quality sidings in all the materials used today, from traditional wood to fiber cement to stucco and steel. For more information about steel siding, Colorado from east to west, why not give us a call today? Or contact us with any questions via our convenient online form.

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