Looking For a Siding Contractor In Colorado? Ask These Questions First


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When it comes to hiring a contractor, siding or otherwise, the process can be a mystery. Which makes choosing a company difficult. Luckily, in the age of the internet, we have ways of vetting contractors from the outset. However, once you have looked at online reviews, websites and social sites–the work of a good consumer is not done. Once you have a shortlist in hand, you should really narrow things down by asking some basic questions and choosing the siding contractor that answers them the best for you. These questions not only serve as a way of vetting your Colorado siding contractor but could prove useful to have in black and white should you end up in a dispute.

Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Colorado Siding Contractor

Question #1: Are you licensed?
This question may seem like a no brainer but the truth is there are many contractors out there who will take you money and do unlicensed work if you don’t. Licensing varies from state to state so you want to be sure to look into what is needed for siding contractors in your area.

Question #2: Does your company carry workman’s comp insurance for its employees?
This question is critical because if the contractor does not carry this type of insurance– you could be on the hook for compensation should one of there workers get hurt on your property.

Question #3: Do you have insurance in case something in my home gets broken in the renovation and/or construction process?
This is something you want to make sure you ask to keep your home safe. While some contractors may not carry insurance per se a reputable company should be willing to put into writing that they will fix anything they break.

Question #4: Who is the on-site project manager?
This question is great for you to streamline the process of siding. Any reputable siding company here in Colorado should provide you a project manager. Instead of relying on constant updates from workers or whoever answers the phone at a company–you simply cut to the person who knows all the answers–the project manager.

Question #5: Will you write out a contract including the anticipated time frame, line items for materials, cost and scope?
This should come first in the form of an estimate and then as a contract the siding contractor signs off on with you. This is a great way to hold them accountable and know exactly what is going on. You can even take it further and request a ‘time and materials’ contract should a project. This means should a project become more involved than first thought the “times and materials” costs do not skyrocket halfway through an unfinished job.

For more information on these questions or to ask here at Colorado Siding these and others, contact us today!

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