Stucco Siding Colorado

Stucco Siding Colorado

Stucco Siding Choices for Colorado

Stucco has existed in Colorado since the Spanish brought  the technique to our state in the 17th century.  Today there are choices for those interested in stucco siding.

Traditional Stucco Siding

Traditional stucco siding involves the process of mixing cement, sand, and lime mix with water. This mixture is then applied to homes in 1 to 3 coats. The mixture is applied to a previously prepared exterior that has been cleaned and prepared to receive and hold the stucco. This siding technique has been proven throughout Colorado for centuries and with very little modification is still popular across the state. It is considered time intensive though and in some cases this labor intensive process can be cost prohibitive for certain clients. Certain climate zones throughout the Colorado also present maintenance issues when traditional stucco is used as the primary siding product.

Synthetic Stucco & Stucco Siding Panels

Stucco siding panels are a cost effective, modern choice for those looking for the aesthetic benefits of stucco siding. Stucco siding panels, like those produced by James Hardie are a beautiful and durable choice for those homes that weren’t designed to be covered by plank siding.

Whether you are a custom home builder in a Denver suburb or looking for an alternative siding product in one of Colorado’s small mountain towns Scottish Home Improvements has the stucco siding options to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.