Stucco Siding Alternatives for Denver Properties

Stucco has existed in Colorado since the Spanish brought the technique to our state in the 17th century. A material that works well for our arid environment it has also become a pinnacle of southwest style. In the modern world, stucco is much more advanced and comes in many different styles and colors. More than even before this material is becoming a sought-after versatile cladding for homes. Furthermore, there are more alternatives than ever for a stucco look without some of the issues that come along with this siding material like difficultly in application. Read below to find out more about this amazing material and how you can get the same great look at a lower cost and fewer headaches.

Traditional Stucco Siding

Traditional stucco siding involves the process of mixing cement, sand, and lime mix with water. This mixture is then applied to homes in 1 to 3 coats. The mixture is applied to a previously prepared exterior that has been cleaned and prepared to receive and hold the stucco. This siding technique has been proven throughout Colorado for centuries and with very little modification is still popular across the state. It is considered time-intensive though and in some cases, this labor-intensive process can be cost-prohibitive for certain clients. Certain climate zones throughout Colorado also present maintenance issues when traditional stucco is used as the primary siding product.


Synthetic Stucco Siding Panels for Denver Homes

Colorado Siding does not offer traditional stucco siding. We offer a wide range of stucco-like siding options that maintain that unique aesthetic but don’t require the labor-intensive installation process. Our stucco-like siding options imitate the look of stucco but are made of incredible, durable siding materials that offer Denver homes protection against the harsh Colorado elements. Stucco siding panels are a cost-effective, modern choice for those looking for the aesthetic benefits of stucco siding. Stucco siding panels, like those produced by James Hardie®, are a beautiful and durable choice for those homes that weren’t designed to be covered by plank siding.

James Hardie® Stucco Collection 

HardiePanel® Vertical Siding is available in a stucco aesthetic that brings that warm, inviting Spanish charm. Available in 23 finishes, homes throughout Glendale and Highlands Ranch can all benefit from this siding solution. With HardieZone® technology, homeowners can rest assured knowing they’re getting a product that was designed specifically for our climate. Fiber cement is noncombustible and offers a high resistance towards moisture, termites, fungal decay, pests, impact, and severe weather storms. With ColorPlus® technology, homeowners can also appreciate the UV-resistance and lowered maintenance needs.

James Hardie® Stucco Vertical Siding Product Description

James Hardie® Stucco HardiePanel Product Description

Stucco Siding Alternatives for Denver Properties

Many of the leading siding manufacturers deliver stucco siding alternatives that mimic the appearance of stucco with the added benefits of durability and low maintenance needs. Colorado Siding is proud to partner with these siding brands so that all of our clients can find the perfect investment for their property. Commercial properties can always look attractive by adding the stucco aesthetic. With incredible fiber cement, wood composite, cement board, and other durable siding options, businesses can benefit from the low maintenance needs and higher strength options. Some insurance companies even lower premiums for those that have noncombustible siding options. Our stucco siding alternative present affordability, quicker installations, and better durability.


LP® ArmorStrand® Stucco Composite Siding: This substrate engineered wood siding composite siding is engineered to deliver a strong foundation while creating the look of stucco with durable acrylic finishes. Acrylic stucco finishes provide the flexibility for achieving a variety of textured looks in virtually any color for homes throughout Capital Hill and Wash Park.

LP® ArmorStrand® Panel Application

LP® ArmorStrand® Panels DRYVIR TAFS3 Product Description

LP® SmartSide® ArmorStrand® Product Catalog

lp armorstrand stucco siding denver residential

Allura™ Stucco Fiber Cement Panel Siding

Backed by the power of fiber cement, Allura™ architectural panels are class A fire-rated and provide unparalleled durability against pests, deterioration, UV radiation, and moisture. Their vertical siding panels are available in stucco, providing that beautiful aesthetic that’s great for homeowners in Park Hill and Auraria.

Allura™ Stucco Fiber Cement Panel Siding Brochure

Allura™ Stucco Fiber Cement Panel Siding Installation Manual

Allura™ Stucco Fiber Cement Siding Specification Sheet

Sto® Cement Board Stucco Systems

This cost-effective, impact-resistant cement siding system is perfect for commercial properties throughout LoDo and Civic Center. With the textured finish of stucco, property owners can enjoy improved exterior aesthetics in addition to high resistance against impact and moisture. Residential options are available as well.

Sto® Stucco StoPowerwall® DrainScreen Residential Booklet

Sto® Stucco StoQuik® Silver DrainScreen Booklet

Sto® Stucco StoPowerwall® ci Commercial Booklet

We really wanted traditional stucco on our Denver spanish style home–but are glad we went with Stucco panels instead–much better pricing.

Joseph and Trish / Highlands Ranch, CO

Didn’t even know stucco panels were a thing–but they are and they look GREAT on our home.

Betty Bluth / Congress Park

The sales and design people at Colorado Siding really know their stuff!  They suggested stucco panels on our bungalow and they work perfect.

Jameson / Denver, CO
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