Alside Vinyl Siding Colorado

Alside Vinyl Siding Colorado

Vinyl Siding Choices for Colorado

Vinyl siding is a low cost, low maintenance siding solution. Resulting from a frustration with wood and metal sidings vinyl was developed in the 1960’s. Throughout Colorado vinyl siding is an inexpensive choice to cover your home, garage, or other outbuildings. At Scottish Home Improvements we install a fair amount of vinyl siding, but generally recommend that your home be worth less that $250,000 when considering this option. The resale value of more expensive homes can be impacted by vinyl siding.


Vinyl siding comes in a number of shapes, colors, and textures. While it can be made to emulate wood or fiber cement siding in color and texture, it is sometimes also used in more outlandish manners and in a range of colors.


Vinyl generally costs less than aluminum siding and is a good choice for those on a budget.


The maintenance concerns with vinyl siding are limited.
Fading can occur in the harsh Colorado sun.
Cracks can also occur requiring that the siding be repaired or replaced.