Residing Your Colorado Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases are continuing to climb. Only the future will tell when the stay-at-home orders will be lifted in Colorado. In the meantime, residents are searching for activities that will keep them busy and take their mind off of the stressful events occurring in the world.

If you’re like many Coloradans, and you’re looking for a project to keep you busy during the quarantine, you may want to consider residing your home. Siding, unlike most home improvements, does not require any trips to the hardware store or personal contact. And designing your new exterior will help you pass the time while you’re inside.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to get started with the process.

Why Is Now a Good Time to Reside Your Home?

Contrary to what most people assume, now is actually a great time to install new siding in Colorado. Here’s why:

  • Keeps you busy. With the coronavirus pandemic still in early stages, there’s a good chance we’re looking at many more days spent indoors on lock down. Spending some time looking through siding colors, materials, and options can help pass the time. And it’s a productive use of your day.
  • It’s spring. Spring is one of the best times of year to install new siding because there are little to no weather delays.
  • Residing your home is safer than other projects. Since you’ll be hiring a professional, you don’t even have to leave your home. You can do your design consultation over the phone or online.
  • How to Get Started

    Wondering how to get started with your project? It’s easy! During the coronavirus outbreak, we’re offering remote design consultations. That means all you have to do is pick up the phone and book an appointment. Then, you and your designer will schedule a time to talk and discuss your plans. In the meantime, feel free to check out our gallery or start looking at some of our great siding brands.

    Schedule a Design Consultation

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    Martin Faith is a proud Scotsman, business owner, and home improvement expert. In 2002, after an unfortunate experience with a local contractor and a siding project gone wrong, Martin decided to start his own home improvements company. His goal was to help other homeowners avoid having to suffer through the same experience. He founded Scottish Home Improvements, a customer-focused siding company based in Denver. Martin's small business grew rapidly and today is the largest siding company in the state. With an A+ Rating from the BBB, recognition as a Preferred James Hardie Elite Contractor, and over fifteen years of experience, Scottish Home Improvements is the number one trusted source for residential and commercial siding in Colorado.