LP SmartSide For Residing Parker Home: Beautiful And Affordable


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LP SmartSide Is Changing The Siding Game

LP SmartSide is one of the newest innovations in the siding industry and is arguably a contender for best in its class. Although it is relatively new in terms of siding products (10 years on the market) it is superior to many products used for 50+ years and is changing the way Americans side their homes.

What Is LP SmartSide?

LP SmartSide is a composite of wood strands and fibers bonded by epoxy which makes it durable and beautiful.

Why Choose LP Siding For Your Parker Home?

While there are numerous reasons LP siding is a great choice for nearly any home, homes in Colorado have specific needs that LP SmartSide readily fills.

LP SmartSide Has A Number Of Beautiful Looks, Colors, and Textures

Easily one of the biggest selling points of LP SmartSide is its appearance. It comes in a variety of styles: panel, lap, and shingle and more and does not skimp on the color choices either. With a myriad of bold, bright or traditional colors, it easily suits any of Parker’s unique home designs and charm.

LP SmartSide Is Impact Resistance

Hail is a big deal here in Colorado and causes millions of dollars of damage each year to homes. LP SmartSide is made out of resin and wood fibers, which are much less brittle than Fiber Cement but more difficult to dent than Vinyl. This makes it a “must have” for homes in Parker which can get quite a bit of hail activity each year.

LP SmartSide Is Affordable

Many people in Colorado are choosing to upgrade their current home rather than move into a new one. Siding is a great way to upgrade but can get really pricing when looking for a high-end, attractive look. LP SmartSide performs about the same as the premium Fiber cement products on the market but is 25%-35% less expensive. Making it affordable without sacrificing beauty or durability.

For more information on LP, check out this video here:

Colorado Siding For LP SmartSide On Your Parker Home

When looking for the right installer for LP SmartSide for your Parker home, Colorado Siding is one of the areas best installers for the job. We have over 25 years experience and we know how to get the job done professionally, on-time and within budget every time! Contact us for a free LP SmartSide consultation for your Parker home today.

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