James Hardie Siding Comes in Various Color Choices

Siding materials have not only advanced in the material and durability, but also in style. Siding and trim come in a variety of color options that can give your home a luxe look that lasts for a long time without the need to repaint. Lovely earth tones. Sophisticated neutrals. Deep reds, greens, browns, blues.

In Colorado, siding color choices can make a big difference. Why look the same as every other house on the block, or in your development? When it comes to purchasing new siding, we stand firmly behind James Hardie’s fiber cement siding with ColorPlus technology. It’s not just the stunning color choices available for both siding and trim, it’s also the durability of the color, the fact that it’s baked into the siding material and is guaranteed not to need painting for up to fifteen long, colorful years.

This is particularly relevant and important here in Colorado, where the sun bakes down on your home three hundred plus days a year, where the high altitudes make the atmosphere thinner and the UV damage stronger, where the climate attacks your home’s siding with hail, heavy winds, and blasting snow storms.

If your siding has faded, if you are tired of the maintenance wood siding requires, if you want a fresh, durable look to your home—and perhaps even an extra layer of insulation to keep you warm in the winter, James Hardie has got what you need.

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Colorado Siding: Color Choices to Blend With Your Environment or Stand Out

Many Colorado homeowners, especially those with mountain homes, have always liked their homes to blend into the surrounding area. Whether that’s the Red Rock formations up in Morrison, the greens and browns of a pine forest, or just general earth tones, James Hardie has siding that will give you the look you want.

Of course, when it comes to Colorado siding, color choice is not the most important factor, but here’s one of the reasons why James Hardie siding has really got it all:

They use green, sustainable materials, and a proprietary paint process that is especially created for the demands the Colorado climate places on your home’s exterior. The end result is a beautifully colored, wholly consistent finish that lasts many years without fading, chipping, or peeling. The ColorPlus finish uses specially formulated paint that can stand up to UV levels in a way few field-applied paints can, offering up to 30% more fade resistance.

Siding is a major investment for homeowners. When it comes to Colorado siding and color choices for your home, why not take a look at the colors available by James Hardie? We think you’ll find one that’s perfect for your home.

Martin Faith is a proud Scotsman, business owner, and home improvement expert. In 2002, after an unfortunate experience with a local contractor and a siding project gone wrong, Martin decided to start his own home improvements company. His goal was to help other homeowners avoid having to suffer through the same experience. He founded Scottish Home Improvements, a customer-focused siding company based in Denver. Martin's small business grew rapidly and today is the largest siding company in the state. With an A+ Rating from the BBB, recognition as a Preferred James Hardie Elite Contractor, and over fifteen years of experience, Scottish Home Improvements is the number one trusted source for residential and commercial siding in Colorado.