James Hardie Siding For Hail Protection On Your Littleton Home

James Hardie Siding Best In Its Class At Hail Protection

Anyone who has lived in Littleton or anywhere in Colorado, for that matter, understands that the hail here is something to fear. It comes on fast, sometimes hitting one street in a neighborhood but not another one close by. Only one thing is for sure–there is no predicting where or when it will hit. What you do know is–one day it will for sure hit your Littleton home and hard. This is why having a siding like James Hardie, which is designed to stand up against hail and other elements is the key to successful homeownership here in Littleton.

How Does James Hardie Protect Against Hail Damage To Littleton Homes?

As you know, in Colorado hail can strike pretty much at any time. So why is James Hardie the right choice? Because a premium siding product, like James Hardie, is rigorously tested and then specifically engineered to withstand worst-case scenarios like baseball size hail. Other brands of siding like vinyl (which cracks), steel (which divots) or wood (which dents), simply can’t hold up the way James Hardie Fiber Cement will. For extreme climates like Denver there simply is no better siding choice for strength, versatility, and beauty. It doesn’t just protect against intense weather like hail either. When you buy James Hardie Fiber Cement siding you also get protection against

  • Blizzards, Snow And Sleet
  • High Winds And Flying Debris
  • Intense UV Exposure
  • Pests like birds and insects
  • Fire

The best part of a James Hardie siding purchase though is the confidence you will have in your siding taking the worst that mother nature has to throw at it and knowing it will still look great for years to come. Not to mention it saves you time and money in repairs and replacement.

Learn more about James Hardie Fiber Cement in the video below:

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