Why Composite Sidings are Great for Resisting hail on Your Colorado Springs Home

As you are aware, in Colorado Springs, hail is a significant issue. It can occur at any time of year, although it’s most common during the spring, summer, and fall. Some sidings do a good job of repelling hail. Other siding alternatives aren’t as effective. So which siding is best for resisting hail? Composite materials are used by the finest manufacturers.

What is Composite Siding?

There are many benefits to choosing composite siding for your home. Composite siding is made of different materials bonded with resins, making it very durable. It is also impregnated with chemicals to resist fungi, fire, and insects. Plus, composite sidings come pre-primed and ready to paint in a variety of colors offered by the manufacturer. They look great and last a long time—almost perfectly mimicking the look of real wood! James Hardie and LP SmartSide are two of the best brands on the market when it comes to composite siding.

James Hardie for Hail Resistant Siding in Colorado Springs

Why is James Hardie’s fiber cement siding such a great option? It’s a high-quality composite siding product, designed to endure the most severe case scenarios, including baseball-size hail. To ensure performance, it is tested rigorously by the manufacturer. Furthermore, it protects you against more than just hailstorms. So when you choose James Hardie Fiber Cement siding for your house in Colorado Springs, you’ll be protected from subzero temperatures, flying debris, UV rays, pests, and fire!

LP SmartSide for Hail Resistant Siding in Colorado Springs

Because of Colorado’s frequent hailstorms, having an impact-resistant siding is a must. LP SmartSide is a composite siding that is appropriate for buildings in Colorado Springs. LP SmartSide does not divot after impact the same way as vinyl or wood siding will. This is due to the fact that it is composed of resin and wood fibers, which are both strong and flexible. Furthermore, it’s a mid-range composite at an affordable price, so you’re getting beauty and durability without paying a premium for it.
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