Five Reasons to Love Longboard Siding

Longboard siding is an excellent example of how, even though new materials are not always released frequently in the siding industry, they can still be innovative. The Longboard company was founded in 2005, and their products have been widely recognized as some of the most cutting edge.

What is Longboard Siding?

Longboard siding is a modern architecture-friendly aluminum siding. The cladding, which has some of the most useful features available and one of the most beautiful looks on the market, is made by Longboard Ltd., located in British Columbia, and ICC certified for production ESR-4183 and ESR-4184 for manufacturing.

The Advantages of Longboard Siding for Homes

Longboard siding offers a timeless classic style that is ideal for homes and businesses. However, aside from its authentic wood appearance, this material has several other benefits.

Aluminum Longboard Siding is Durable

Most siding materials succumb to damage with extended exposure to elements such as dust, rain, and UV rays. They can fade, peel, or warp over time. However, aluminum longboard sidings are treated with water-resistant and graffiti-resistant coatings. This reinforcement adds durability and helps the sidings maintain their appearance for a longer period of time.

Aluminum Longboard Siding Low Maintenance

While many siding types need to be power-washed or have other harsh chemicals used on them yearly, Longboard is much more low-maintenance. You can easily keep it clean with a sponge, water and some light detergent – ensuring that it will last for years to come.

Aluminum Longboard Siding is Fire-Resistant

Longboard siding looks just like wood, but it is in fact, aluminum. This makes the cladding highly resistant to fire which also then protects other wood structures beneath it from catching on fire as well. Therefore, Longboard siding does an excellent job of safeguarding homes and businesses against fires.

Aluminum Longboard Siding Does Not Rot

Because aluminum is not organic, it cannot rot or absorb water. This means that the siding will not mold and will be safe from pests like termites.

Aluminum Longboard Siding is Environmentally Friendly

Longboard siding is a wonderful method to be environmentally friendly! Unlike many other siding types, all aluminum construction is recyclable and considered ecologically beneficial. Because it is light, it may simply be taken down and sent to recycling centers for a new existence after being removed from homes or businesses.


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