Englewood homeowners often choose James Hardie siding for their homes.

Englewood, Colorado residents know how quickly the weather can change. They also know how severe it can become and the wear and tear it can cause to the exterior of their homes, the roofs, the landscaping, the siding.

This has been a particularly dramatic year in terms of wild hailstorms and crazy gale force gusts of wind. That is just one of the many reasons why many Englewood homeowners are choosing to side their homes with James Hardie fiber cement siding.

The James Hardie brand is well known in the siding community for its incredible durability, it’s green, sustainable materials, its beautiful color choice and siding styles, and it’s best-in-the-business long term warranty.

Englewood contains an eclectic mix of newer and older homes, along with multi-family homes as well. James Hardie is the perfect choice for any of them. If you had an older home with wood siding that needs replacing, the James Hardie fiber cement siding makes a style that looks just like wood siding or even wood shingles.


A Bonus for Englewood Homeowners

If you had old aluminum or vinyl siding and you are looking to upgrade, again the James Hardie product is a fantastic choice. In terms of home improvement investments, this product gives you more return on your investment than even adding on another bathroom to your home. We’re talking here about actually raising the value of your home, an important consideration if you are preparing your Englewood home for sale in today’s competitive housing market.

If you are not selling your home anytime soon, perhaps we can sell you and all other Englewood homeowners on some of the benefits of the James Hardie fiber cement siding.

Fiber cement is an interesting product made of natural, sustainable, low-toxicity materials. It is flame resistant, pest resistant, will not rot, peel, or dry out, and it is engineered for climate. This makes it absolutely perfect for Englewood homeowners. This means James Hardie siding will stand up to our crazy hailstorms and gusty winds. It can easily stand up to our omnipresent sunshine as well as our dramatic changes in temperature within the course of a day or a season or a year.

Another plus is the ColorPlus technology. The color is baked into James Hardie siding, offering superior lasting color that will not fade for a long time. The siding is all but maintenance free, and because you will rarely have to paint it, this can save Englewood homeowners up to $5000 over the lifetime of the siding.

If you are considering residing your Englewood home and are interested in learning more about this popular type off siding, please contact us today. We’ll come out to your house and give you a free bid, and answer any questions about why James Hardie siding is the right choice for your home.

Martin Faith is a proud Scotsman, business owner, and home improvement expert. In 2002, after an unfortunate experience with a local contractor and a siding project gone wrong, Martin decided to start his own home improvements company. His goal was to help other homeowners avoid having to suffer through the same experience. He founded Scottish Home Improvements, a customer-focused siding company based in Denver. Martin's small business grew rapidly and today is the largest siding company in the state. With an A+ Rating from the BBB, recognition as a Preferred James Hardie Elite Contractor, and over fifteen years of experience, Scottish Home Improvements is the number one trusted source for residential and commercial siding in Colorado.