3 Benefits of Diamond Kote’s Low Maintenance Siding

Colorado is tough on siding. The constant flux of temperatures not only keeps us guessing but causes expansion and contraction in all materials–siding included. This is why as a Colorado homeowner you need a tough siding–like really tough. One such siding is LP Smartside Diamond Kote–a built on finish that has a ton of benefits for rough weather states like Colorado.

How Diamond Kote Siding Benefits Colorado Homes

Diamond Kote is a great choice of siding for homes in Denver and below we have listed the top reasons why.

1. LP Siding With Diamond Coat Protects Against Hail

You don’t have to live in Denver very long to realize–hail is a menace here. It wreaks havoc on more than just cars too. In fact, just about as many claims are filed for hail damage on home siding. Since LP® SmartSide is already an engineered wood product, it provides substantial protection from hail. With the addition of Diamond coat built-on pre-finish, it works even better. Giving protection from all sorts of impacts from hail and flying debris. This will help you Denver home weather, the weather here and get through severe storms virtually unscathed

2. LP Siding With Diamond Coat Won’t Fade

Here at a mile high, the sun is more intense. This isn’t just a perception–at this altitude, the sun’s UV rays are actually stronger. This means anything left out to bake in the Denver sun takes a beating. Very few things come out looking the same or lasting as long but siding treated with Diamond Kote are an exception. LP specifically makes their Diamond Kote durable finish so that it won’t peel, crack or fade–even under the intense Denver sun. Plus comes with an industry-leading, 30-year, no-fade warranty

3. LP Siding With Diamond Coat Keeps Off Dust

Homes are a lot of maintenance. This means choosing a siding that is resistant to dust becoming caked on is a good idea when you live in Colorado. As you already know-Denver is incredibly dry and dusty and grim accumulates fast on home siding. Diamond Kote pre-finish for your LP siding resists the buildup of dirt and dust. So, when you select Diamond Kote finish it needs less cleaning with no sacrifice of a pristine appearance.

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