Georgetown Colorado Siding for Homes and Businesses

Shielding your home from the winter weather in Georgetown, Colorado, maybe as simple as updating the exterior finishes encasing your home.  This is why Scottish Home Improvements wants to be your local siding contractor. You can learn about the many options we offer that make our company a popular choice throughout Colorado.

Georgetown Colorado Siding Options for Your Home

One of our most popular choices for Georgetown siding is James Hardie.  This durable material requires little to no maintenance, and it stands up to freezing temperatures better than vinyl. Unlike vinyl sidings it does not expand and contract, therefore it will not crack and splinter after exposure to harsh weather. Fiber cement siding is hail proof, wood pecker proof, and most importantly, especially for the residents of Georgetown which are confronted with the threat of wildfires, fire retardant.

Fiber cement siding also offers better insulation, especially when Scottish Home Improvements incorporates a hours wrap protecting the interior from drafts, which can result in lower energy bills in your home. Fiber cement siding comes in a variety of styles and endless color choices. Therefore, it can be crafted to coincide with your current exterior, and there is no reason to plan for the removal of existing natural stone or wood accents that you may have.

James Hardie stucco is also a popular option for Georgetown, Colorado siding. Stucco provides a versatile and timeless look. Unlike traditional stucco, James Hardie stucco panels are durable, reliable, and will not crack. They, too, are hail proof and woodpecker resistant, eliminating annual repairs and costs. It makes for a beautiful exterior that is also function because it will protect your home from the elements.

Scottish Home Improvements works commercially as well. Your business may benefit from steel siding. Though not often used in residential settings, it is a strong product that will protect your business from brutal weather, biting winds, and natural wear and tear. For a commercial space, steel siding is a great choice because it is affordable and low maintenance, helping to reduce the inevitable stress that is found when running a company.

Georgetown Colorado Siding with Scottish

Scottish Home Improvements has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have been working with homeowners in Colorado for the past ten years, and are excited to show you why we are known for providing the highest value for cost. Give us a call or send an email today to get started on selecting and installing your perfect Georgetown Colorado siding, and we’ll set you up for an in home consultation immediately!