Breckenridge Colorado Siding

Breckenridge Colorado Siding

Breckenridge Replacement Siding

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To shield your home from the harsh winter weather that Breckenridge is known for, your home may need the assistance of Scottish Home Improvements. Our company offers multiple siding options for your home or business, including vinyl, fiber cement, stucco, and even steel. No matter what needs your home or business has, our team of experts can help you every step of the way.

Durable Enough for Colorado’s Mountains – James Hardie® Siding

Because vinyl siding doesn’t always hold up very well under the freezing temperatures and bitter winds of the Breckenridge winters, your home may be the perfect candidate for James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding. This material is specifically designed for our climate in Colorado, it is dimensionally stable, resisting cracking, rotting, warping, buckling, swelling and deterioration. . You won’t have to put very much though into the maintenance of your siding, since this material is created to last for many years and carries a 30 year non pro-rated warranty.

Your James Hardie® Siding can be manufactured to give the appearance of other materials. For example, Fiber cement siding can be crafted to match cedar or stucco texture. The amazing durability of James Hardie® Siding makes it fire retardant and resistant to hail, woodpeckers and termites.. When many of our Breckenridge homes are just outside of town and surrounded by trees, fiber cement siding offers peace of mind that even if disaster strikes in the form of a forest fire your home will most likely survive.

If you love the current look of your homes’ exterior, but need more protection, we can help!  James Hardie fiber cement siding offers thousands of color and style combinations, so we can closely match the current look of your home.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for something new for your house, we can also work with you to design a fresh look.  Thanks to our CAD programs, we can actually impose options for siding onto pictures of your home.  This means you can see what your siding will look like before we even order your products, and you can feel completely comfortable with your purchase.

If your home has wood siding, we can help protect it.  Wood siding doesn’t last as long as some other materials, but we can put a seal on your home to improve the strength and create a longer lasting finish.  We also provide vinyl siding as a more affordable option, although it is not as durable as some of our other products.

Steel siding may be the right choice for your commercial building, as it is certainly durable enough to weather the freezing temperatures and precipitation. The aesthetic appeal isn’t ideal for residential settings, but your business in Breckenridge can benefit from the low-maintenance exterior.

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Scottish Home Improvements has been replacing the siding on single family and multi family residences in Summit County for the past 10 years. Independent customer satisfaction surveys gave us a 100% recommendation rating in 2011. Call us or email us today for your free quotation and discover the siding options which will increase your homes equity, save on fuel costs and improve your homes aesthetics.

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