A siding style to fit any home.


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In Boulder Colorado, siding options are something a prospective buyer should know a little bit about. These days there are several siding options to choose from, and they each have their advantages and disadvantages.

The main Boulder Colorado siding options today include:

Traditional wood siding

Cedar shingle siding

Vinyl siding

Fiber cement siding

Stucco siding

Let’s talk briefly about each one in turn.

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1. Traditional wood siding: this Boulder Colorado siding option is familiar to everyone, since most homes in the state still use it. However, it requires cutting down trees, is highly flammable, and not the greenest option, which is an important consideration to many Boulder residents. On top of that, wood siding can dry out in the ever dry and sunny Colorado comate, rot, or be eaten by termites.

2. Cedar shingle siding: this Boulder Colorado siding option is also quite familiar, shingled homes really capture that rustic mountain look. But cedar shingles have the same disadvantages as regular wood siding, and seem to require a lot of maintenance over the years.

3. Vinyl siding: currently the most popular new siding choice in the country, this product is durable, affordable, low maintenance, and does not require cutting down the forest.

4. Fiber cement siding: this “new kid on the block” has a lot to recommend it. None of the disadvantages of wood, fiber cement is made of sustainable materials, will not rot, dry out, or burn, and termites cannot develop a taste for it. It is available in a stunning array of color pallettes and styles, including styles that offer the look of wood and cedar shingles.

5. Stucco siding: this Boulder Colorado siding option is still popular though with customers all across the southwest. We don’t offer traditional stucco, though, preferring to use a fiber cement alternative that gives the exact same look with a lot less hassle. Contact us for more information about the James Hardie fiber cement stucco alternative for your home.

With the many Boulder Colorado siding options available today, how do you decide which is the best for your home? Simple! You can contact us and ask us any questions you might have, or make an appointment with one of our experiences sales pros. We’ll give you all the information you need to know to make an informed and appropriate choice. After all, siding is a major purchase with a major job to do in insulating and protecting your home. It is something you don’t want to regret purchasing.

Got questions? Need a bid for a job? Please contact Colorado Siding today.

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