A Guide To The Best Siding For Your Denver, Colorado Home


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Choosing The Right Siding For Your Denver Home Remodel Or House Flip

The Denver, Colorado housing market is tighter than it ever has been before in 2018 and that means more people are staying in their homes and upgrading rather than move out.  This also means that people flipping houses in Denver have a real chance to make some serious cash if they do it right.  Regardless of whether you are looking for siding for a home remodel or for a flip, knowing the ins and outs of your siding choices is key to making the right decision.  At Colorado Siding we have taken the time to write a quick siding guide for you to reference in order to choose the siding that is the best for your situation.

Denver Siding Materials And Pricing Guide By Colorado Siding

Pros and Cons Of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is probably the most common siding in the US today.  The reasons why people love it for their homes is because it’s long-lasting, inexpensive, and virtually maintenance-free. It never needs to be painted, is easily cleaned and lasts about 40 years.  

Cost For Vinyl Siding: $1-$6 per square foot, uninstalled

Pros and Cons Of Wood Siding

Wood siding is one of the oldest types of siding on the market and a favorite for those seeking a rustic look. Although the types of wood used for wood siding (Cedar and Redwood)  are naturally decay-resistant, it is flammable which could be a problem in Colorado.  It requires more maintenance than other types of siding but damaged boards are easy to replace.

Cost For Wood Siding:  $1-$4 per square foot, cedar uninstalled; $5 per square foot, redwood uninstalled

Pros and Cons Of Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber-cement siding is a composite of cement, sand, and cellulose fiber.  It has all the fantastic qualities of vinyl and the look of wood, making it a great choice for form and function.  It is less expensive than wood but more expensive than vinyl.  However, the look and quality make it well worth the extra expense.

Cost For Fiber Cement Siding: $2-$6 per square foot uninstalled, plus trim

Pros and Cons Of Metal Siding

Metal siding made up of aluminum or steel.  This type of siding is fairly low-maintenance, but metal can rust or dent.  It will last 40 years to the life of a building.  Comes in a wide range of factory-baked enamel colors

Cost Of Metal Siding: $2-$5 per square foot, installed

For more information on siding choices for Denver home check out this video:

Scottish Home Improvement For Your Aurora, Colorado Siding

If you are interested in any of these types of siding for a Denver home that you are remodeling to keep or sell, Colorado Siding is a great choice for installation as we have been installing these types of siding for over 25 years. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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