2017 Best Siding Colors For Your Longmont Home


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Siding Trends 2017

Summer is almost upon us and with Spring waning, it is time to sneak in a siding replacement before you get too busy with summer fun!  This is the time of year at Colorado siding where we get a lot of calls about siding because spring is the perfect time to re-side your Longmont home as there are few complications from the intense Colorado weather. The reasons people change their siding vary, just as the trends for siding change too.  In fact, did you know that each year there are siding trends and colors that come into vogue?   As siding experts, we at Colorado siding like to stay on top of siding trends.  Additionally, our James Hardie line of siding definitely gives us access to the absolute hottest colors of the year.  This year, there are some surprises and some good old favorites in the list of siding trends for your Longmont home.

Top Siding Colors For 2017

Pantone colors are a major influence on the worlds of fashion and interior design alike. This year their color report says they predict colors for Spring 2017 to be  “a mixture of vitality, relaxation, and the great outdoors”.  While this is not specific to James Hardie colors, it does bring some of our James Hardie Colors to mind as being the best choices to fall in line with this year’s trends.

Boothbay Blue:  When looking for a color that is outdoors but not too muted this color is right in line with Pantone’s prediction.  Described as a color that is like “sitting at the water’s edge just as the sun starts to set, you can’t get more natural than this.

Mountain Sage:  Nothing says relaxation more than a nice green.  If outdoors and a sense of connection to nature are in this year–this is absolutely the go to color!

Sail Cloth: Described as soft, light, cozy and relaxed, this color is about as inviting as one can get in home decor.  A modern take on beige, it will never go out of style!

Longmont’s Siding Experts

Whether you are looking for a new siding color for your own enjoyment or are thinking of selling it while the market is still hot, Colorado Siding is the company you need to achieve the best results for your Longmont home. We are James Hardie Certified installers and have over 2 decades of experience in Longmont and all of the front range. We can help you pick the best color for your tastes and your house’s style and install it too! Contact us to get going on a fresh new look for your house today!

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